20 Best Kids’ Movies on Netflix in 2019

Netflix boasts a whole vast array of children-friendly, good movies to choose from in its Kids Section. We have the all-time Disney classics such as Tarzan as well as out of the world fantasies Pixar offers, “Coco” is just one of the few examples. These movies immediately lighten up the mood of the viewer, regardless of the age. They make us laugh, think and inspire. Some of them are what made our childhood so special and the rest of them are doing the same, but for our kids. And all of the super-special animated movies for the little ones listed below are available on Netflix. Just one click away is Happiness, and possibly memories.

Below, we’ve prepared a small list of the best movies for kids available on Netflix right now as of 2019: be it animated, comedy, sci-fi or adventure—we’ve covered them all!

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20 Best Kids Movies on Netflix Right Now

1. Kung Fu Panda

Kung Fu Panda

A movie featuring a monkey voiced by Jackie Chan? well, which kid in the block would ever want to miss that. The plot revolves around Po, a lazy obese light-hearted Panda voiced by Jack Black. He works at his noodle shop with his father in China. Being an avid kung-fu fan, his life changes for the better when he is chosen to fulfill an ancient prophecy. His newly appointed duties makes his life coverage with his idols, the famous “Furious Five” – Tigress, Crane, Viper, Monkey and Mantis – with Angelina Jolie voicing the Tigress. One could never go wrong with this movie. Mainly made for little kids fascinated with martial arts, it can very well entertain adults thoroughly through the rich characters with great depth and amazing plot lines combining them all into a delightful masterpiece.

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2. The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets

It was an instant hit when it came out in 2016, with the main characters voiced by famous comedians like Louis C.K., Eric Stonestreet, and Kevin Hart. The story is about a terrier named Max and his spoiled life revolving around Katie, the owner. But soon his life turns upside down when Katie decides to bring another dog from the pound named Duke. The enmity and quarrels contribute to the significant portion of the humor present in the movie. But all this changes when they discover a common enemy which should be stopped. The rest of the movie shows their fun adventure as they attempt at doing just that.

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3. The BFG


Another movie released in 2016, “The Big Friendly Giant” is a Steven Spielberg adaptation of the famous 1982 children’s book of the same name. The story is carried by the two central characters: the little lovely girl named Sophie and the 24-foot benevolent Giant refereed to as “BFG”. Although initially scared of the behemoth, Sophie soon realizes how friendly of a Giant he is and they instantly become very good friends. The character development is done beautifully by Spielberg here as we see them venturing out into the Giant’s world. There she learns that BFG is actually an outcast for not being a children-eating giant. Together, they try to make a difference.

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4. Smurfs: The Lost Village

Smurfs: The Lost Village

With the lead character “Smurfette” voiced by Demi Lovato, the famous American singer and pop icon, “Smurfs: The Lost Village” is the latest fully animated take on the Smurfs. Being true to the demographic they target, the movie is made completely keeping the little kids in mind. It is silly, funny and full of adventure as the protagonists with her friends’ journey into the forbidden forest full of magical creatures and scary witches, only to retrieve the mysterious lost village. The challenge being – getting there first, before the evil wizard named “Garamel” does. The rest of their journey proves to be a roller coaster ride as they uncover the biggest secret in the whole of Smurf history.

5. Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

After four fantastic animated feature films, there ought to be a live-action adaptation of a famous children book, yes? 2017’s Beauty and the Beast stars Emma Watson as the innocent yet brave village girl named “Belle” and Dan Stevens as the horrifying big Beast. It is an excellent take on the Disney’s animated classic that we all loved as kids. The movie tells the tale of a young prince who had the misfortune of being enchanted to take the form of a beast. Imprisoned within his new form as well as inside the castle he lived in, the Beast loses all hope for ever returning to his previous state of being. But his last stroke of good fortune arrives in the form of belle who falls in love with the beast only to discover the prince within.

6. Bolt


Precisely 10 years ago, Walt Disney produced a drama Adventure that kids all around the world celebrated. The movie is named after our little hero in the form a cute and cuddly American White Shepherd. “Bolt” has spent the entity of his life in the studio of a famous TV show which he considered as his home. Within the show, he is not a regular dog as the character bolt plays is of a superhero. Naturally believing everything the fellow humans made it seem, he also happens to believe that he possesses the superpowers that are portrayed in the show. The harsh realization strikes as he accidentally gets separated from the studio and embarks on a journey to unite with the same. Along the way he meets an alley cat and a fluffy hamster which help him see the truth of him being just an ordinary dog.

7. The Boss Baby

The Boss Baby

The movie explores the lives of the Templetons, a small family comprising of dad (voiced by the famous talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel), Mom (voiced by Lisa Kudrow) and little Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi). But they decide to bring another family member into their small world, a little innocent-looking baby which Tim doesn’t approve of. Right of the bat, the movie’s fun starts as we see a toddler dressed up in all black suit carrying businessman suitcase. Something is clearly suspicious and Tim becomes aware even though Mom and Dad happen to be completely oblivious regarding the activities of their little baby. The 1 hour 37-minute run-time entertains the viewers with the classic jokes and extremely silly yet hilarious propositions and scenarios.

8. Benji


Another live-action entry thrown in the list – “benji” is an American family drama directed by Brandon Camp which was released in 2018 as a reboot of the original benji series that were predominantly made in the 1970s. It tells the story of an orphan puppy named “Benji” who befriends two school kids. Fun and mischief ensue when they decide to keep him in their home without their strict mother’s knowledge. But their new companion proves helpful when the two kids get kidnapped by robbers. And it is up to their furry friend to rescue them from the bad guys. A nostalgic movie carrying great potential executed brilliantly with numerous fun moments. Definitely worth streaming with the young ones.

9. Bee Movie

Bee Movie

Starring Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson… a bee? yes. Loved by kids all around the world for it’s silly yet unique premise, “Bee Movie” directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner introduces us to a college graduated bee, the hero of the story. After getting fed up by his tiresome career of making honey, Barry decides to adventure beyond the hive where he meets with an accident, only to be saved by Vanessa, working as a florist in New York City. The meat of the story begins when his friendship with his newly acquainted New Yorker grows to a point where he uncovers horrific truth regarding the consumption of honey by fellow humans. What happens next is portrayed comedically with extremely entertaining elements.

10. Coco


Creating a buzz around the animation-fantasy genre when it came out in 2017, it tells the story of a young enthusiastic boy from a Mexican family named Miguel. The interesting juxtaposition starts when we are properly introduced to the folks our hero lives with. being primarily shoemakers, the whole family for generations has forbidden all sorts of music within their premises – the reason being treason by a musician years back. Now the family consist of various people, the youngest being Miguel and the oldest being his great-grandmother Coco. The real fun starts as we see the protagonist trying the hide his very apparent love for music and his journey to uncover the secrets regarding the musical history of their ancestry.

11. Antz


Woody Allen voices an ant named Z 4195 living in an anthill with a million others. Straight away we realize what this movie’s main focus is: Ants. A very similar film named “A Bug’s Life” also explores the life of ant along with the other bugs but they don’t do justice to the world of ants and their minute intricacies. But “Ants” on the contrary totally gets the job right by depicting each and every aspect of an ant colony precisely. The kids will love it and the adults won’t fall asleep watching it, that is the brilliance of the directorial. The voice of Woody Allen as the protagonist also helps in making the whole experience enjoyable for the crowd.

12. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

A Walt Disney classic, released in 1993 told the story of courage, compassion and devotion of three animals to their owners. It is a perfect example of a kid’s movie that incorporates a lot of meaningful elements that induces morals and values to the one who watches it. Here, the magic is done by three very loyal pets. The very wise golden retriever at the peak of old-age named Shadow, a fun-loving American bulldog puppy named Chance and finally a Himalayan cat named Sassy with a funny bone. As they are left behind with the friends of the owners, they start getting tensed as to the whereabouts of their masters and decide to travel across the mountains and wide-open countrysides to find them. A must watch for an animal lover of any age.

13. The Great Gilly Hopkins

The Great Gilly Hopkins

A comedy-drama directed by Stephen Herek, targetted at not toddlers in particular who barely understand movies but to the general family looking for a delightful evening to spend watching moves with each other. In this fun-filled ride of a movie, Gilly Hopkins, played by Sophie Nélisse, has seen and been in more foster homes than anyone she knows of… and probably heard of. She effortlessly outwits every family as she attempts at escaping each said foster homes. With the high hopes of reuniting with her birth-mother, Gilly tries to leave her latest foster mother Miame Trotter as well. But when the plan backfires, she realizes the grave mistake she did by jeopardising the only shot she had with being a part of an actual family that cared for her. However, one can consider this as one of the best toddler movies on Netflix.

14. Paddington


The 2014 comedy film written and directed by Paul King does an amazing job at blending computer generated imagery with live action as it narrates the story of a talking young Peruvian bear who is into everything British and decides to travel to London and then find a place to live. But soon his expectations shatter as he realizes that London is not what he thought it was. The live action elements truly start to show their significance as the Brown family decided to show kindness towards the helpless bear wondering alone at the Paddignton railway station. Hugh Bonneville plays Henry Brown while Ben Whishaw voices the Paddington Bear.

15. Moana


Set in Ancient Polynesia, the movie starts with introducing us Moana Waialiki, an enthusiastic little girl who loves to travel and wishes make a great sea voyage someday. This apparent interest is no surprise as she is the only daughter of the chief of the island in the line of ocean navigators. being a very observant and responsible, she notices the very clear and imminent danger the island faces. Lack of fishes in the oceans for the dwellers to catch and the crops planted by the farming failing to grow become the major problems. Moana sets on a journey with Maui, but without the permission of her protective father, to uncover the mystery behind the curse and possible ways to solve it. The duo between Moana and Maui as well a talented actor like Dywane Johnson voicing the latter becomes the major highlights of this entertaining flick.

16. The Iron Giant

The Iron Giant

The 1999 classic featuring the voices of Jennifer Aniston and Vin Diesel. “The Iron Giant” was a spectacle of filmmaking at the time of its release that incorporated hand-drawn animations as well as computer-generated animation that worked beautifully together. A visual treat and an emotion-rich journey, the movie offers an experience that truly respects the intelligence of the audience. The story is simple and neatly written: A boy happens to befriends a giant innocent robot belonging to an alien race. But the new acquaintance from outer space is being hunted by the US government and it is up to our hero to hide him from the bad guys. The simple plot of this movie is made into a masterpiece that inspires the viewers with the value of compassion and love.

17. The Pirate Fairy

The Pirate Fairy

An excellent example of a light-entertainment for all the little kids out there, this Peggy Holmes directorial venture takes us to the world of adorable pixies and magic fairies. The story, written by Walt Disney Home Entertainment, is centered on an unfortunate event of Pixie Hollow’s Blue Pixie Dust being stolen by a fairy named Zarina. The protagonist, Tinker Bell (voiced by Mae Whitman) must join forces with to embark on a journey. A journey to retrieve the precious Blue Pixie Dust and restore peace and tranquillity in their world. It’s 1 hour 18 minutes of run time ensures all the little viewers are thoroughly entertained by the rich colors and pretty animations.

18. The House of Magic

The House of Magic

Distributed by Belga Films, it belongs to the adventure fantasy genre which features a keen zealous cat named Thunder who is left to rot by its unloving owners and is strolling through the streets, unwanted and worn out. Thunder enters an old strange-looking house to quickly seeks shelter from a thunderstorm only to discover there are things beyond the ordinary in that house. The old magician who lives there takes thunder in as his new pet but the situation gets worse as the magician falls sick and is moved to the hospital. And now, it is Thunder’s job to make sure his new home does not fall into the wrong hands. An easy going movie that appeals to the cat lovers out there.. and all kids in general.

19. Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension

For all the cartoon lovers out there, Phineas and Ferb should be a very familiar name – and for good reason. The cartoon features two super genius brothers and their super cool inventions that they come up with every single day. The series is made more interesting with the inclusion of their sister “Candice” who always fails to bust her little brothers in front of their mom who has no clue as to what her two sons do, and their unusual pet platypus named “perry” who is, in fact, an undercover agent. The movie version of this cartoon throws all our beloved characters into an alternate dimension where the brothers finally discover who Perry actually is and team up to fight Doofenschmirtz, who happens to be the evil ruler of tri-state area in the 2nd dimension.

20. Tarzan


The exclusion of this 1999 classic known all around the world would do this list injustice. And that is why we’ve included it here, the tale of a man named “Tarzan” who was raised by Gorillas thinking himself to be one among them. The rest of the story unfolds as our protagonists happen to save a woman named “Jane Porter” who was on an expedition through the jungle. Upon being in contact with another human for the time, he soon realizes he is not what he thought he was and is conflicted as to which family truly belongs to. It is one of the most successful Disney classics out there, which spawned many more productions since its release including video games, triumphant sequels and live action movies.


We hope that you found our list of best kids movies on Netflix interesting. If there’s any other movie you think we should add to the list, leave them in the comments below! We’re actively updating this list with new movies that Netflix brings for our kids!



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