Hi, I’m Prajjwal. I’m a 23-year-young blogger, SEO Scientist, Coder, Affiliate Marketer, and a Tech Enthusiast.

Bold claims from a 23-year-old? Huh?

I started blogging back in 2014, when I was just 14.

Initially, I published content at an unprecedented pace. But then, NO ONE came to read them. *crickets*

My blogging journey has been a roller coaster ride. I started at $0. I’ve built up my blogging empire from the ground up, and this is one of the achievements that I’m really proud of.

I’ve failed more sites than anyone I know. But I’ve had my piece of the success cake. I was a millionaire (in Rupees 😛) before I turned 18.

Enough brag. Let’s get to the point!?

I started BidnessETC to save you the fair share of failures that I’ve had in my journey. You will witness first-hand, the most vulnerable moments of my blogging journey; which I don’t see any “GURU” sharing openly.

I don’t have $100k a month case study (yet 😛) which you’d read but won’t be able to replicate in your scenarios.

I aim to get you to the actionable, achievable, replicable strategies, and case studies which make a difference in your life.

Consider BidnessETC a stepping stone, if you’re still struggling to make money online.