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A plethora of shows ranging from mediocre to phenomenal are scattered all over Netflix and you can watch only one show at a time, unless you are some freak from Stranger things which we strongly believe you’re not. Below are the best shows on Netflix which will quench your binge-watching thirst. Choose one among the 20 and start streaming, but remember to come back to watch the rest of the 19 shows because all of these are worth it.

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Top 20 Best Shows On Netflix Right-Now:

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Let us start off with the most interesting and hottest show on Netflix now. Dubbed as the “The flawless mix of the greatest 80’s Sci-Fi! ” Stranger Things redefined the the genre by giving the audience everything they required to go on science-fiction-horror-nostalgia trip. This brilliant show takes us to 1983 Indiana where a young boy named Will Byers goes missing near a top-secret government research center. The investigation to find the boy and the strange things that they encounter along the way becomes the plot of the first season. The very first ten minutes of the first episode sucks you in to this nightmarish world full of science experiments gone wrong to inexplicable supernatural entities.

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2. Black Mirror

Black Mirror

Another exceptionally clever Science fiction thrown in the list, Black mirror explores multiple genres simultaneously while making the viewer question everything in existence. Utopian and dystopian fiction, psychological thriller, satire, science fiction are all dealt equally well in this Anthology series. Every episode you see in this series are completely unrelated from each other. No connection among the characters or plot what-so-ever. And that is what makes this show stand out from the pool of mediocre shows exciting inside the same genres. The common theme, however, is how future technology may influence humankind, in an unsettlinig way (for the most part)

3. Daredevil


Now this one is for the comic book lovers out there. Only a marvel fan can truly appreciate the the delicacies of this show. It firstly introduces us to Matt Murdock as a child, unfortunately blinded by a chemical spill in an expected accident. Instead of disabling him, it enhanced his natural senses that enabled him to perceive the world in a way no one else could. When grown up, he decides to use his powers for the greater good. An unsuspecting attorney by day and a crime fighting vigilante by night. There have been multiple adaptations of this very character, both in the big screen and televisions, but nothing quite nailed the character as this Netflix series did.

4. Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black

A delightfully funny show, unlike the ones we’ve talked about up until now, OITNB tells the story of Piper Chapman, a non-criminal citizen who got sentenced for one and a half years in prison for transporting drugs to her ex a decade ago. What she faces inside the prison and the harsh realization of what being behind the bars truly feels like is the plot of this marvelous show. Started on 2013, the series became an instant hit, acquiring fans all over the world for its hilarious dramatization of what one learns and becomes upon being imprisoned. The cast includes Taylor Schilling, Kate Mulgrew, Uzo Aduba and many more. All fantastic actors delivering top-notch performances in each episodes.

5. Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders

Among all these hot hits of shows, there must be an under-rated gem as we Netflix addicts call them. A show not a lot of people know of but is so good, it makes you wonder why the whole world doesn’t know of it yet. Enter: Peaky Blinders, a crime drama of a gangster family set in 1919, England and their savage and feared boss Tommy Shelby. The show is outstanding in every single aspect. Be it cinematography, acting, background music, the small details in each and every corner, the show just excels in them. Tommy Shelby, played by Cillian Murphy practically caries the whole show and the actor does full justice to the character. And the inclusion of Tom Hardy who does a marvelous job in portraying Alfie Solomons only adds to the overall excelence.

6. Sherlock


You do not need to be an avid television-series-watcher to know who the great Sherlock Holmes is. Debuted in 2011, “Sherlock” stars Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman as the two famous detectives, presenting us with the modern adaptation of the Conan Doyle characters. Mr. Holmes, in early 21st century London, is accompanied by Doctor Watson – a fairly young veteran of the Afghan war, intellectually inferior and Scotland Yard’s detective inspector Lestrade. The first few seasons were the best as all the elements of Holmes were present and accurate. And of course, how could one forget the on-scree chemistry of the two main protagonists, which is very entertaining to say the least!

7. Breaking bad

Breaking bad

Now this is the kind of show people call “The Best Netflix TV Show Ever”. Anyone who even attempts at giving the first episode a try would never say otherwise. The whole thing revolves around a chemistry teacher named Walter White, brilliantly played by Bryan Cranston, who is diagnosed with cancer. He has only two more years left, which makes him realise he has nothing to lose. To ensure his family survives in his absence, Walter embarks on a journey of drugs and crime. He soon finds out his remarkable prowess at making crystal meth. The show portrays the impacts of a fatal diagnosis on a normal family man, and explores how it affects his morality and change him into a someone very important in the drug trade. Before starting to binge watch the whole series, keep in mind that it is equally (perhaps more) addictive than the stuff which is made by Walter in the show.

8. Narcos


Another drug relating crime drama, “Narcos” tells the real-life story of the growth and spread of cocaine drug cartels mainly owned by the notorious Colombian cocaine drug lord Pablo Escobar brilliantly, played by Wagner Moura and Steve Murphy, played by Holbrook. A main story also involves a DEA agent sent to Colombia to capture and eliminate the kingpin.
This is a very gripping show, one of the best debuted in the year. The characters and acting are done splendidly and the story line moves at a fast enough pace to get your Adrenalin pumping for the entirety of the episode. The main highlight of the show is the quality with which it was produced. It almost resembled a production film under Warner bros, which indubitably is remarkable for a show on Netflix.

9. House of Cards

House of Cards

The series is based on the acclaimed BBC 1990 series of the same name, but while the original show emphasized on the inner workings of British politics, the remake is completely based on the United states of America and it focuses on the rise of power-hungry congressman Francis Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey. It is a highly addictive political drama and darkly funny satire with an exceptional Cast.

10. BoJack Horseman

BoJack Horseman

An animated show that feels a lot more real than most live-action shows. It is difficult to describe in words the way you feel of watching BoJack Horseman. It usually starts out as a comedy with seemingly no real plot. It does not take much time to get wrapped up in the story of BoJack Horseman, known for his role as a single dad in a popular early ’90s sitcom. Having not acted in the 18 years since the show was canceled, he agrees to be a part of this show in an effort to relaunch his career. You laugh through a half hour episode and then when it fades to black and the theme song plays, you’re left with some kind of unexplained sadness. And it primarily explores the concept of mental illness and depression

11. Suits

suits netflix

After fabulous shows such as House MD, Bones and Prison break, here comes Suits. A brilliant and satisfying legal drama. The main plot revolves around Harevey Spector, played by Gabriel Macht and Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams as team in the law industry. Spector is brilliant, confident and egoistical genius while Ross is extremely bright and has a photogenic memory. The on-screen chemistry of this duo is the main highlight of the show, with Spector’s sassy and sharp nature being the cherry on top. The dialogue is snappy, unclichéd and witty. The pacing is beyond perfection (directors Kevin Bray and John Scott) and the show, on the whole, has the appearance of a high-end movie – thanks to the excellent cinematography. Surely a show you ought not miss.

12. One Punch Man

One Punch Man

You surely did not expect the list to not contain a very fun anime series, now did you? Well this extremely entertaining show features an ordinary yet extra-ordinary super hero named Saitama. Now, the premise is somewhat messed up, but let us explain: Saitama lives in world full of superheroes. As in, every person in his world has some kind of extra abilities that mere mortals of our earth don’t posses. So that itself makes his life kind of pointless, or at least that is what he thinks. The only thing special about him is his ability to defeat any enemy with a single punch. That is all that takes him to win a fight – yet he finds reasons to be depressed. All of this and much more in a very amusing and hilarious package that an anime fan should definitely stream on Netflix.

13. Friends

friends show netflix

This is a TV show that needs no introduction. It was the best American television had to offer. But you maybe wondering why is this gem of a show mentioned so low in the list? well that is because this is a show everyone knows about. There ain’t any need to even include this in the list as it is obviously a must watch. It spanned from 1994 to 2004, and is regarded as the most re-watchable sitcom ever and the word on the street is – there is nobody out there to disagree. So buckle up and relax, grab your popcorn and soda. You may need a lot of Soda because there are 236 episodes to watch. Success often comes with a big number.

14. The office

The office

Another classic US sitcom coming your way. This American adaptation of the British show of the same name introduces us to an average paper company run by Scranton, PA branch manager Michael Scott. This mockumentary of a show follows the everyday lives of the people in the office. Each scene shows us the quite funny and awkward encounters between the employees as they will do whatever it takes to keep themselves employed and the company thriving. This show has the ability to make even the grumpiest of people laugh as they employ humorous dialogue with great delivery made by excellent actors. So if you want to be entertained and amused, this is the one to binge watch.

15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

You maybe thinking to yourself “What an odd name for TV show” and you’re not wrong. The whole show is a bit quirky as well, to be honest – and that is where its beauty lies. The plot is very similar to “2 Broke Girls” where two women decide to be roommates while making their ends meet. Kimmy Schmidt recently got out of a cult in which she lived in for about 25 years. She meets Titus, a gay man who accepts her as his roommate. The chemistry of these two characters trying to survive in New York city is what is depicted in the rest of the episodes. A fun filled show consisting of lovable characters – do give this one a go!

16. The Walking dead

The Walking dead

Who does not enjoy some zombies trying to devour unfortunate survivors – no one! Enter: The Walking dead. A show which tells the thrilling tale of survival, horror and various dangers lurking in the dark. Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes, the protagonist of the story is awaken from a long coma only to find out the world is at stake as there is a zombie apocalypse in progress. He later finds a group of survivors having no clue as to what should be done next. Taking in charge of the group, we see Grimes leading the people to safety while constantly avoiding and battling the zombies. A gripping story with exceptional direction. Stream it right away if you have not.

17. Everything Sucks!

Everything Sucks!

The title itself is a beautiful irony as it suggests everything sucks but it quite frankly does not. We expect some cheesy premise where the main characters are fed up of their grimy lives but we are treated with some different. “Everything Sucks!” is what its small but strong fan base calls “an underrated hidden gem”. This show hit all the right points; it’s very well written, it has accurately portrayed friendships, great characters, and a beautiful soundtrack! in fact, one of the highlights of the entire show is it’s downright magnificent soundtrack. The show portrays single parents well, depicts friendships/relationships in high school in all of its hilariously dramatic glory, and has a lot of heartwarming scenes as well as hilarious ones. Each episode is 20 minutes long and you can binge-watch the whole show in one sitting! highly recommended.

18. The good place

The good place

Here is another one with a very good premise: Afterlife. The Good Place is a paradise where people come after they’ve passed away, but only if they’ve been good through out their life time. Eleanor, brilliantly played by Kristen Bell, recently arrived at the Good Place but is not fully happy as she claims she does not deserve to be there. With the help of some good friends, she tries to correct her mistakes that she committed in her life so that she could truly earn a place in the town. Will she be able to do so? the First season answers just that. It is truly a great show as it it filled with plot twists and makes the viewer go “Oh no! what just happened?” at the end of each episode. The end of the first season reveals a plot twist that is beyond words

19. Godless


By far the best Westerns to air recently, Godless depicts the extreme events that occur in La Belle, New Mexico which leaves the town with a population consisting of primarily women and children. Fortunately, Marshall Bill McNue, played byScoot McNairy and Deputy Whitey Winn, played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster are left to keep peace in the town. Things get complicated when Roy Goode appears at the ranch owned by Alice Fletcher. The plot darkens when the gang Roy abandons decide to chase him down to wherever he is, and kill anyone who chooses to protect or harbors him.

20. Dexter


Will you be impressed if a show was able to make you fall in love with a serial killer? Dexter Morgan is actually average mild-mannered guy who works in the Miami Metro Police Department as the blood spatter analyst. When he’s not assisting the Homicide division solving murders, he spends his time hunting and ending murdered that slip through the justice system. While he helps solve crimes in the day, he commits them in the night. But hey, Dextor is a very nice guy as he only kills other viscous killers and not just anyone. A bloody masterpiece that will leave you in awe just by the sheer awesomeness of Dexter Morgan.


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