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What about having an online Incorporation Service for your company? Isn’t that a good thought? Thinking whether having an online service would be the best or the right thing to do? This article will help you find all the answers to your questions in just some time and also with the best options for you. Online services nowadays are basically there for your relief. Well, online services do give you the best service and also it does lessen up your workload a lot. Having an online service for your business is really important.

But are you surprised about which service to use and what are the price range and the features that they offer you? It is very obvious that you would have confusion while to need to choose something which is related to your business and that too online. But for that, what you need to do is to have a complete knowledge and research work done for the service. While you have to choose something that you need to do is to have a clear knowledge about that service provider and also about the field. This article has been written so as to give you a clear knowledge and description of LegalZoom. This LegalZoom Review would surely help you do the work with much ease and understanding.

Why LegalZoom Scored 8/10?

Are you all having the same question in your mind that why has it been rated six points out of ten points? Having this question in your mind is very much obvious and you should have it also. So well, before jumping into LegalZoom Review, we would take a short note on the questions on which a Service provider is generally rated. These questions are very common and without considering these questions, we would not have been able to rate LegalZoom.

Is LegalZoom worthy?

Do they give good customer support?

Is LegalZoom legit?

Is their website easy to use?

Well, these are some of the very common questions that we all have in our before we go to avail the service or before we rate them out of ten. Hence, considering all these questions, we did rate them six out of ten points. What are the different reasons why we ranked them so less would be listed below one by one.

To sum up all those, and so as to give a brief description, we can say that LegalZoom has good customer support but not so good as others do. The LegalZoom Pricing is also very high than the others. They offer the packages at a really high rate than the other service providers. The website design also does create a lot of hassle, and it is really not at all easy to use, and hence because of all these, you cannot even see the full price of the articles also.

Giving a high amount and then getting an easy to use service is better according to me rather than paying the high amount and then having so many problems with the website or while filling up the form even. Yet there are many who would like to use LegalZoom just because they want to have a well known and popular service and hence they do not mind paying a large amount. In the rest of the article we would have a look on how and why LegalZoom registered service has been marked and what marka they got.

Here’s what people think about Legalzoom Reviews

Mark charles

Very professional at all times,kept me updated with the remortgage and help me with any difficulty .


Amazing from start to finish, Lailah was super efficient and then Chloe helping us on exchange/completion day. Huge thank you for Dharmy for pushing the last bit through couldn’t of done it without your assistance πŸ™‚


LegalZoom have been carrying out the conveyancing for a property I’ve been purchasing over the last couple of months, through the process my contact, Megann Bray, has been exceptional in keeping me updated and making sense of the process for me.

Lets get an in-depth review of Legalzoom


Legalzoom’s Overall Pricing and Value – 8/10

As already mentioned LegalZoom Reviews tell us that they are the most popular services in this field and hence they do offer a much premium price. If we have a look at all other service providers, then we may say that LegalZoom will be at the end of the list just because of its price. No other company other then LegalZoom offers you such expensive services.

LegalZoom Registered Service serves its customers with $149 packages, and they incorporate a huge number of upsells even. These upsells can make this service a lot more expensive. At last, you would see that you will end up paying a huge amount of money if you take this service.


Track Record – 8/10

​LegalZoom Review tells us that the company was founded in the year 1999. Since then, LegalZoom has been providing their customers and have provided almost 3.6 million customers up to now. They have helped a lot of entrepreneurs to form their business and the Company is also not so much focused on the Formation service. 

Now if you talk about their track records, then we can say that they have got a huge amount of positive track record as well as the same amount of negative track record. These track records help us know that either the company is very good or else the company is really disappointing. But if we have a clear look then we can understand that LegalZoom is not one the best as compared to others.


Customer Support – 7/10

If we talk about their customers, support then we can say that, just like other companies, LegalZoom also provide their customers with phone calls, emails and web chats. We did test them unlike we tested all the other companies and we did sent them an email. But it was sad to notice that it almost took a week or so for them to reply to our email, which was, of course, the first disadvantage of their service.

But yes as we all know the fact that if anything has a bad side then it also does have a good side as well. When we tried to reach them through phone calls, then it took them just a few minutes to answer our calls and they did listen to our queries very well and answered them in detail also. They do help you out in some extra way if they find that you are the entrepreneur who is very first to start their business with.


To conclude, we can say that, their phone call services are quite well just like the others but their online services could have been much better.


How easy it is to place an Order on Legalzoom? 7/10

​In case you want to place an order through LegalZoom then that would be a much of a different process then you would have done with the other services. Though the process is not so difficult but yes it has been designed in a way so as to make you spend more money than you wanted to.

The first thing that you need to do is to give in your personal details and after that you are then directed to the order page. Not showing the price of the packages is one of their most clever tactics you can say. Once you are done with all these its now time that they show you your packages and you select them. This does not take much time though.

 It just takes you 15-20 minutes. Though its not so tough yet you get to see a lot of addons before you even select the packages and yes thats leave you irritating. Another thing to note is that, LegalZoom has got to have two different process for their form filling into LLCs and Incorporations. This is something that other service providers do not have, they provide their customers with only one simple process.


Overall Turnaround Time – 8/10

Unlike other service providers, LegalZoom does not explain their turnaround time so much clearly. But they do offer their customers with some estimated time that is needed for turnaround along with the different packages that they offer. If you get to avail their most premium package then you get to have your final business files within seven to ten business days

. But if you are someone who avails their cheap package then you get to have your final documents in around six weeks which means within ,thirty business days. 

As we see that other service providers have turnaround time which depends on various states but LegalZoom has got the same time period for every state. And this is something of a unique feature in them.

Pricing & Features

As already said before LegalZoom has got to have different packages for their LLC and Incorporation. Hence we would here mention both the packages differently.

LLC Formation Pricing & Features

We would first have a look at the packages that are offered by LegalZoom for LLC.


If you are one of the entrepreneurs who are looking forward to have an LLC but at the minimum price then this package is the best for you. The Economic Package costs the customers just $99 and has got the following features that you can enjoy.

  • You get to have the name availability confirmation
  • The company prepares the legal articles of organization
  • LegalZoom LLC service also does the document filing with the state
  • Gets you the financial account authorization letter
  • Gives you an access to a Next Steps guide for what to do once your business is formed.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to have a binder or a seal then this is the package for you. This package costs you $329, with this you also need to pay the state fee. What you get to have here is a binder and a seal that has been customized with your business name. You also get to have a twenty company membership certificates.


If you have a hurry and want to have a LLC as quick as possible then this is the best package for you. You get to have this package at $349 as well as the state fee. If you think that you would be getting some more really exciting features then there is nothing like that, what you get to have is that your filing of LLC is completed in just 7-10 working days.

There are even some add-ons that are given to you by them along with the  LLC packages. Here are a list of them:

  • Registered Agent service- When you first file up your LLC, then the first add on that you get to have is the Registered agent service. For this they will charge you with $159 or more and will help you or rather provide you with important documents, scanning of the documents and then forwarding them to you in time.
  • Essential documents- The second add on that they will be offering you is essential documents in which you get to have operating the agreement, and many other things and the charges does depend.
  • Legal Assistance- In this add on they will charge you $39.99 per month, and hence they will be providing you with some legal documents such as the HR documents like employment agreements, along with attorney advice sessions and more.
  • Compliance Assistance- This service costs you nearly $280 for each year and with this you get ti enjoy annual report service, helps you with record keeping and also keeps your business assets in separate way.

Incorporation Pricing & Features

Now we would have a quick look at the packages that are offered by LegalZoom in respect to Incorporation service. You should know that the process of having an Incorporation is much more extended process than the process of making an LLC.

Economy for $149

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who want to bare a less amount of money when they are availing this service online. Hence this service is said to be the best for them. This package costs you $149 , and provides you with the name availability confirmation, ,files the important documents with the state, provides you with the guides for the next step, and also gives you free trial offers.

Standard for $329

There are a lot of entrepreneurs who want to have a stock certificates and also binders for their organisations. For them this package for Incorporation Service is the best.  With approximately $180 more than the economy Package you need to pay $329 for this package and with that you get to have nearly twenty certificates from the stock market and along with that you also get to have an Incorporation kit that involves your company name engraved in it , and also a corporate seal. 

Express Gold Package for $349

 Coming to the last package in their Incorporation Service range. This is the Express Gold Package that costs you $349 ,and this package is exclusively for them who want to have their Incorporation filing being done very fast. With this package the only thing that you get to receive exclusively is that, you get to have your filing done in just seven to ten working days or even less than that.

Now we would have a very quick look at their add on that they provide their users with along with the Incorporation packages. Come lets have a quick look at them one by one:

  • Essential documents- Just like you have the options while you file your LLC in the same way you would also have an option for essential documents while you file you Incorporation. While you file your Incorporation Service you can add the below mentioned documents:

 Bylaws and resolutions for $99

Bylaws or resolutions plus EIN for $159

Bylaws and resolutions, EIN, and business licenses for $249

  • Tax service- With this add on you get to have the availability of receiving assistance with the preparation as well as filing of the state as well as federal income tax returns. They also do provide you with the professional advice and the whole thing costs you  320 dollars for every year.
  • Legal Assistance- This add on os also the same as the LegalZoom offers for their LLC formation but the big difference os their money rate. This add on also includes the legal documents and others as mentioned in the legal assistance point in LLC formation but they charge you $320 per year instead of $480 per year. 
  • Compliance Options- This is the last add on that LegalZoom provides you with for their Incorporation Formation. In this add on they provide you with the annual reports, and the best part is that they provide you with Minute Manager tool that electronically formats and also tracks your corporations meetings service. After doing so much of work for the customers, their charge for this add on is just $280 per year, which is quite affordable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although having so much of discussion and giving so many explanations yet many of the customers do have some basic questions which needs to be answered so as to keep their trouble away so that they can easily choose the best online service for them and enjoy their choosing rather than being sad and in trouble.

So lets have a look at the very basic yet important questions that are often asked by the readers.



How can we compare LegalZoom with other online service providers?

Ans: Though LegalZoom is one of the best online service providers yet they are not among the best choice for anyone. Many other online service providers such as ZenBusiness and Northwest Registered Agents do provide a lot more service and facility then LegalZoom.

LegalZoom does not provide you with a year long Registered Agent service which is provided by the other Incorporation Service providers. LegalZoom indeed does not have much good and positive feedback as do others have.

Which feature is to be used in case I use LegalZoom?

Ans: The economy package of LegalZoom is most advantageous in both while forming a LLC or an Incorporation. It just costs you much less than their other packages and is much good for the entrepreneurs who are the beginners in this field.

We would also suggest you to buy the Registered Agent service which is not much costly and also it really costs you much less and having a registered agent for your business will be really helpful.

Does LegalZoom offer you with Publication Service?

Ans: There are many states that tells you to do your publication Service all by yourself. But LegalZoom does not offer you with any Publication Service. Hence neither do you need to do it nor do you have to ask anyone to do it for you.

What are the best merits and demerits of LegalZoom?

Ans: If we talk about the best merits of LegalZoom then it would be very difficult to note it down. LegalZoom do have a merit which is experience. Experience is something which is very important when you are in a business field and it is happy to note that LegalZoom has a tons of experience. They have helped a lot of entrepreneurs and even have formed millions of LLCs.

Coming to the demerits, we can say that LegalZoom has got a tons of demerits. Well, one of the most important demerits is their price range. The price range that is offered by them is not at all attractive. They have got really high price range which other service providers have not.

What kind of refund policy do they offer?

Ans: The Refund policy by LegalZoom is one of the best among all others. LegalZoom gives you a trial period of about sixty days. In this time period you need to purchase their service, use it and see and analyze if you are alright with the service.

Then if you think that you are not at all happy with their service, then you can just place an order for your refund and they would not even ask you anything, they would just place your refund and you would get your money back.


Well, this was all about the LegalZoom Reviews. From the article you get to know that LegalZoom has got both positive and negative sides. Although the most negative aspect is their high price range. This article has been written so that you get to know more about the service providers and you yourself can decide which one would be the best for you. Hope this article has been of much help to you.

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