Zenbusiness LLC Service Review (Is It Actually A Good LLC Service?)


Are you very excited to have a registered agent for yourself and your business? At the same time are you worried about which one to choose and how to become sure about their features ? Yes, this is a very common thing that happens with all the entrepreneurs. They often get confused and think which online service provider would be the best for their business. Hence keeping all this in mind and thinking about the entrepreneurs, we have come up with one of the best service providers online.

ZenBusiness is one of the best online service providers who help you to lessen the burden of your business work.In this article we have tried to mention each and every single detail of the company so that you find it easier to understand and the service provider as per your necessity. Lets now have a look at the ratings and the different packages that they offer.

Why has Zenbusiness been scored 9 out of 10?

Before we start discussing why Zen business has been given a score of nine points out of ten points, we would like to have a look at the general questions that people have when they think of online Incorporation Services. What general questions come to one’s mind while they start thinking of switching to an online Incorporation Service?

Is ZenBusiness worth it?

How easy it is to use?

Is ZenBusiness Legit?

How is the Customer Support?

Hence, based on these above criteria, Zen business has been marked six out of ten. We would give a clear review of the Zen business so as to clear your queries. Please start with the details. We first need to know why it has been marked nine out of ten. When we say that it has been marked nine out of ten, then it is saying that we clearly mean that it is one of the best service providers if we take it as an overall review.

When you are entirely new to the business field, the first thing you require is the best service provider. After all, in the end, what you care about the most is the business that you have begun with and not only the money. According to our Zen Business Review and us, we can give you a full-fledged guarantee and say that Zen Business makes you feel that your business is the first priority.

We can also say that the most significant advantage of this Zen Business is that they provide you their packages, and they provide their services at a very affordable price, which is just $39, including state fees as well. As well as their customer reviews are also excellent, and the good thing about that is, the reviews are positive as well.

Here’s what people think about Incfile Reviews

Michael Will ham

Filed my new LLC and within minutes I had the package delivered and within 24hrs I had the EIN and ready for banking relationships. Tremendous response time, service and ease of use on the website. I will recommend Incfile to anyone and everyone establishing a new entity. Thank you!

Stewart Rosburg

Maria (Customer Support)helped me out and was very fair with even a full refund after a month into their services.

TIm K.

Great design and service! Have been using Incfile for a while now and I like the design and usability of their online platform (and the reminders for filings) and I love that you can call/email and speak with a real person about your needs. 

In-Depth: Zenbusiness’s Review


Zenbusiness’s Overall Pricing and Value – 8/10

As we start discussing the Zen Business Review regarding Zen business Price, then we may say that, if we compare it to other Service provider companies, then on the top of our list, we would find Zen Business. The best part which attracts many of the customers is that the starter plan of Zen Business is absolutely awesome and affordable which is just $39, and this includes everything starting from the filing of your important documents, preparation, registered agent service, and also grants you with a risk free service for you to consult their one of the best CPAs.

Next, as we move up their package list, we get to have the Pro Package, which comes at $149 per year, and as per Zen Business, this one of their best and the most wanted package. You might be wanting to know, or you may have a question like, what does this package have that is so much wanted? To give a very quick and short yet understanding answer, we would say that this package includes the annual report, management service, a federal tax ID number, and a banking resolution. 

Now, at last, coming to the most expensive package on their list, which is called the Premium Package, this package costs nearly about $249 per year. The things added to this package are not at all more than The Pro Package, and hence it is not at all necessary. This package mainly includes the third party offers for a partnership, which feels really disturbing to many people.


Track Record of Zenbusiness – 9/10

Well, have you people got any idea of how long is this service provider running its business? So, Zen Business is a company that had been set up just a few years back, in the year 2015. They are mainly based in Austin and Texas. In spite of being such a young company in this field of service providers, it has tried to achieve the topmost place in this field and has given an open competition to the other companies who have been in this field for quite a long time.

What makes the Zen Business, so good is how they run the business. The use of automation to complete a lot of tasks by Zen Business gives them the topmost place. No other company can work as well as them. Hence it has got such a good rank. 

In these few years of their start, they have positively achieved the best place, and in years to come, they hope to acquire a higher place and improve their working status a little more.

If we talk about their track records, then we may say that they have got a lot of positive comments. Fhe comments they get are generally very good and has got a meaning as well. Because of these positive comments they get the support and the willingness to work further.


Customer Support – 8/10

As we talk about Zen Business Review, how can we just miss out customer support? Many of us go through a dilemma about how will they provide us support? To answer your pretty important questions, we can tell that Zen Business provides support to their ever-loving customers through phone calls, emails, or even web chat. You would be getting the option of the web site at their official site where you can just drop your query, and they would reply to you and clear your doubts.

When we had a talk with them, they said that they reply to the emails sent by the customers within one business day, and also they said that they do not make the customers wait much for answering their calls or even their chats.

If we talk about their type and quality of support towards their customers, then we can say that their representatives are quite knowledgeable, and they answer and clear out all your doubts without much delay. Any customer who feels it difficult to understand anything can contact them from 9 am till 7 pm on weekdays. Though the contact time seems to be small enough yet they can do your work at that time only.


Ease of Placing an Order – 8/10

We generally see that people who use this service are not much experienced in this field. Though the formation process is very difficult and confusing, or it might be that you do not want to deal with all the hassles, for that reason, Zen Business is one of the best as they help you carry out your work quite simply.

What’s the reason for a business person to choose a formation service? It is just to make your work easier without much confusion and hassle. But there are a lot of companies where you see that hiring them is a total waste and that you need to do the maximum of your work. Then what’s the reason behind hiring them? But, we can thankfully say that this is not at all the case that goes with Zen Business.

Working with the Zen business is quite simple and easy. With Zen business, you have nothing much to do. While you fill the formation form for Zen Business service, it will take you very little time. You just need to put some very basic details and choose the package you want to purchase, then the rest of the things is done by them. 

Yes, there are a lot of third-party apps that tend to disturb you throughout the form filling session, yet that does not make Zen Business a down-to-earth one.


Overall Turnaround Time – 8/10

Unlike others, Zen Business does not depend on how fast the individual states process the formation. The time at which the Zen Business takes a turnaround simply depends on which package you are choosing. This makes Zen Business different from other companies in this field.

If you choose the starter pack or the basic pack, then the processing takes around 3-4 weeks. While if you choose the Pro package, then they take at least 1-2 weeks. On the other hand, if you choose their premium package, then they will take a turnaround time of about 3-4 days. But in case if you go under any difficulty, then you can feel free to just contact then and clear your doubts.

ZenBusiness Incorporation Packages

The best part of choosing Zen Business is that they offer you three excellent packages online.  The three packages are, namely, Starter Package then comes the next: the Pro Package and the last but not the least is the Premium Package. Well, you all might be having a question like,  what is the difference between these three packages? Well, this Zen Business Review will surely answer your question. Just have a look at the three packages. At the same time, you go through the packages that will help you understand which one is the best pick for your business.


This package can be the best option for those entrepreneurs who want to have a free Registered Agent along with their business formation. If we talk about this Starter Package, then we can say that this starts with the basic Incorporation and then gets added by Registered Agent service as well.

It is quite necessary for every corporation to have a Registered Agent so as to help them to remain compliant with the state. This is because your agent does receive some important documents from the state you belong to. They will also make your task easier and provide you with customizable corporate laws that will help you in describing the structure of your ownership that you are having of your company.

When you start with this Starter Package, it will cost you only $39, but in the following years, it will start taking $ 119 for your registered agent.


The pro package is mainly for those entrepreneurs who need to have some advanced features along with their starter pack so as to operate their business. 

When you move upwards on the list and reach the Pro Package, then Zen Business beautifully adds some more points for you to enjoy. Zen Business provides you with banking resolution, helps to get the federal tax ID number, etc. Zen Business enables you to get this ID number from the IRS on behalf of your company, and this is necessary for quite a number of businesses.

Well, some of you might ask, like what is this EIN or Federal Tax ID number? So, EIN is a security number that helps you in hiring employees or even open business bank accounts or pay taxes or even for many other reasons.

The speed of formation for this package is around one to two weeks. They prepare a file for you every year, or even they help you with filing your annual reports as well.


This package, in my opinion, is a total waste. Hence we do not recommend this package to any entrepreneurs out there. This package has been created just to add the third party partnership adds, which really does not have any meaning. It is really a waste if you pay $100 more than the Pro Package for this package.

Other than this, the Premium Package includes a domain name registration as well as a domain name privacy feature to keep your personal details private when you register a domain. This also basically includes a website for your business as well as an email address for business.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some general questions asked by many, or rather we can say that many doubts and questions are circulating inside the minds of the customers who wish to avail of these services. Hence, while we were giving a Zen Business Review, we also thought of including some of the very commonly asked questions by many.

 Won’t you also have the same questions? It is very obvious to have that, hence go through these questions, and you would get it all solved.

How Does ZenBusiness Compare to LegalZoom?

Ans: We all know that LegalZoom is one of the best Service providers until now. Hence when we talk about any other service provider, then a lot of questions come up. But that does not mean that only the service provider which is popular should be the best. 

                 According to us, we would say that Zen Business is far better then LegalZoom, as the price offered by Zen business is much better. In addition to that, we can see that Zen Business gets a lot of comments from its customer in comparison to LegalZoom.

 Which feature would be the best?

This question is the very basic question that almost everyone asks. Well, to answer this particular question of yours, we can say that the best combination will be the Registered agent and the formation service. The Basic Package of Zen Business is much worth it as it only costs you $39 and gives you almost all the features that a newly engraved businessman wants. 

Does ZenBusiness Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

Ans: Zen Business offers a Registered Agent service with almost all of their packages, which is, of course, a good deal. There are a lot of people who want a Registered Agent for their company, and Zen Business has taken the utmost care of that. 

  • Do I require to use the Business Formation Service?
  • Ans: As such, there is no such hard and fast rule to use a Business Formation Service according to ZenBusiness.  If you want to do something for yourself, then there is a DIY option that is available; use that. But we urge you to use that for yourself. 

    Although the laws that govern the incorporates differ from state to state. And hence you might always know what your state wants.

    What are the merits and demerits of Zen Business?

    Ans: If we talk about the merit of Zen Business, then we can say that they really offer the best guidance one needs with respect to ZenBusiness LLC price. On the other hand, the biggest merit of them is that they have yet to get some more knowledge in this field in comparison to others.

    Does Zen Business offer Publication Service?

    Yes, Zen Business does offer Publication Service, one of the best parts of this service provider. There are many companies that do not provide such service, and hence you need to do it all by yourself, yet they charge a lot. But this is not at all the case with Zen Business.

    What is the Refund Policy carried on by Zen Business?

    Ans: Zen Business has themselves told that” Once ZenBusiness has submitted your business for filing with the State under no circumstances can you charge-back or dispute the fees associated with forming your business.

    If you are able to contact ZenBusiness before your business has been submitted for filing with the State, ZenBusiness may refund the charge, less a $50 cancellation fee, if certain conditions are met.” 

     Well, now we would strongly suggest that if you are willing to avail of the services of Zen Business, then make sure that you are availing the correct package because once you are out of the checkout screen, nothing can help you out. This is because the refund policy of Zen Business is a bit confusing.


    Forming an LLC is always much difficult, and also it varies from state to state. But with Zen Business, you can surely get one for yourself without much effort and hassles. Working with Zen Business is absolutely hassle-free and is quite easy. Those entrepreneurs who are looking for an agent who would help you out with forming an LLC, for them, ZenBusiness is the best choice as far as I can say. Zen Business gives you all the necessary features which an entrepreneur needs at first to start their business.

    Zen Business has got truly excellent customer support as well as packages, all of them at a much affordable price. Compared to other Service providers, ZenBusiness Reviews are much better, which gives you the guarantee to work with them. Zen Business provides you with the very basic packages at a very less price as compared to others. The customers who do uses their packages become much happy with their service and the support that they provide them.

    I hope that this Zen Business Review has been of much help to you, especially the entrepreneurs who are looking for a service provider that would help them work in their business so as to lessen their burden. Once you go through this article, you will get to know if Zen Business is the best suit for you or not. This article has tried to bring to you every single detail about the Zen Business, about the features, the packages along with their prices and the overall ratings. These things will make it all the much easier for you to choose which package is the best for you and by using which package you will receive the absolute result that you desire to have. Hope this article is of much help to you and that this details details help you in your long run.

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