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Are you in search of some companies that would provide you with an online Incorporation Service? Or do you want to lessen your workload in your business? Who does not want these facilities, right? Well, being an entrepreneur, you do have the freedom to take or avail of any legal service. Professional help is something that every entrepreneur wants to have. 

But if we take a quick look at today’s world, then we get to see that for every firm, availing a legal service has become difficult. To deal with such circumstances, companies have come up with some online services as well who do the same work but through online mode. Thinking a lot about your problems and after much research, we have come up with one of the companies that would help you in your business-related work and would keep you relaxed as well.

This article is based on a detailed description of the review of Rocket Lawyer. As you go through this article, you get to know a lot about the company as well as about its features and types of packages they offer. Basically, in the present scenario, a person named Charlie Moore came up with Rocket Lawyer in the year 2008. This company helps small business organizations with all types of legal support that they require. Since birth, this service provider has created much fame on its own and has helped a lot of businessmen and is still helping them. 

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Why Rocket lawyer have Scored 6/10

Well, as we start the review, the first thing that we would have a look at is the rating that we give to Rocket lawyer. Well, before we rate, being an entrepreneur, we do think of a lot of reasons. The prevalent questions that we have are

Is Rocket Lawyer worth it?

How fast does it do our work?

Is the website easy to use?

Is Rocket Lawyer


Does it provide the best customer support?

Well, keeping all these questions in mind, we have rated them six out of ten points. But what might be the reason for us to rank them six out of ten? Well, do not worry, we will give you the explanation of why we marked them six out of ten. If we talk of Rocket Lawyers experience, then we can very surely say that they have gained a lot of knowledge as well as experience in this field and this makes an advantage of this firm.

When Rocket Lawyer had first started their business, they got a lot of negative comments from the customers, but the good thing was that those bad and negative comments did not stop them from growing. With the help of those bad and negative comments, they progressed in their work and tried to solve the problems because of which they ended up with such comments. They improved themselves in every possible way, and hence now they get to have a lot of positive comments as well along with the negative comments.

If we talk about the price of Rocket Lawyer, then it is very necessary to say that they provide slightly more expensive services in comparison to others. Though they demand a high price range, yet they do not have the registered agent service that is commonly offered by every other service provider. It is totally up to you that whether you will avail their services or not but to be very clear, they charge you $40 per month and that without registered agent and incorporation filings.

Here’s What people are saying about Rocket lawyer

Good operation Agreement

the operation agreement you generated is much better than the one I generated from other sites. Looks professional, serious and thoroughly thought through.

Barbara Pinder
Thorough documentation

The document for a tenant was very good. My potential tenant has gone underground trying to raise enough money to move in. He wasn’t the real deal. I will look for another one.

Easy to Use Lease Creator

We didn’t know where to start with creating a lease for our rental property. Rocket Lawyer made it extremely easy to complete a lease agreement that was thorough and professional. So glad we found this service to help ease our stress level and workload of becoming new landlords!

In-Depth: Rocket Lawyer Review


Rocket Lawyer’s Overall Pricing and Value – 7/10

Now we would come into the detailed discussion of the overall price or the value of the Rocket Lawyer firm. If we talk about the price range of Rocket Lawyer, then we can say that it has got a really much expensive price range than the other competitors in the field. They nearly have $50 more price range than the other incorporations. 

I think it is better to go for any other firm than this as you would get to enjoy more features at a very reasonable price. Rocket Lawyer does not even provide you with the features of registered agents though they charge so much. But other firms do provide this service even though they charge comparatively less money. If you are someone who wants to avail the services of a firm which has a fair price range, then you can go for it.

But on the other hand Rocket Lawyer does have some good sides also, such as they provide you with a lot of discounts and free document templates for your business needs. Hence if you want to enjoy some features like this rather than the very traditional ones, then this choice is absolutely better for you as well as your business.


Track Record – 9/10

Next, we would look into the track records of the Rocket Lawyer. Well, as we all know, Rocket Lawyer has been in this field of the legal service provider since 2008, and in this long run, it has been able to manage a lot of track records. In this long run of theirs, they have been able to successfully help nearly 20 million customers which also includes their personal clients.

But with the many people they served, they only got to have a bunch of negative comments in their track, which was all because the customers thought that they were not capable of doing the job. However, that did not stop them from helping. They would provide a trial of 7days for their customers who were new to join them, and that’s how they gradually moved on in their path.

Now that time has passed so did their experience and knowledge. They became all the more knowledgeable, and that was a turning point in their career. Now they have managed to help more than 40 million people, and it is good to know that they have been also helped to get a lot of comments or reviews from their customers among which most of them are positive.


Customer Support – 8/10

Next, we move on to customer support. Yes, you are right; they have been marked eight out of ten points on customer support. Like all other firms, Rocket Lawyer also provides customer support through phone calls, webchat and email. They are ready to serve you and clear your doubts from 9 am in the morning till 9 pm, which is quite a long time for the customers to talk to them. 

Well, to rank them, we needed to test t helpful and kind also. If you have a membership, then they would like to make a sale on the phone call itself and seemed to us very unique as no other firms do that. They clarified each and every doubt of ours, and that was the feature that needs to be appreciated.

At the second stage, we did mail them at their given mail id, and that also worked quite nicely, as we received their response in about twenty-four hours. The web chat option is typically an MCQ type where you need to choose the problem you are having from the given options and after you choose the problem the solutions will be displayed in the screen, but the webchat option was not quite preferable as it did not work quite good as we did expect it to. But leaving live chat, you can very easily choose the other two options which are quite friendly and easy to use. 

If all these methods seem a little dicey to you, then you can surely go for their live sessions as well, and according to us it is much more preferable also.


Easy terms of Placing an Order – 7/10

The next topic on which we are going to rate Rocket Lawyer is the ease of placing order. Well, if we discuss this particular point, then we can say that the ease of placing order simply depends on your preference as to will it be easy or difficult. Unlike other firms, Rocket Lawyer does not give you the availability of a lot of packages, but yes they do offer you with a lot of add ons which you need to look over before you check out.

If we talk about the advantage, then we can say that yes, they do have a positive side which is that they offer their customers a very simple overview by which the customers do not at all find it difficult to choose their preference. This also relieves them of the dilemma of what is right and what is wrong.

But yes they do also have a bad side, that is if you want to know everything,  you need to go through the whole process, and only then you get to know about something. The customers need to wait till the check out page so as to take a look over the prices and compare them with other firms. But for that you need to put in some extra effort else you would not get to know anything. If you are patient enough, then you would only take 10 minutes to take a tour of the whole form and then make your selection after comparing it with the other firms and reach the check out page.


Overall Turnaround Time – 7/10

Coming to the last ranking feature, which is the turnaround time. The turnaround time for different states is different. While some take one to two business days to complete the process, others take around two to three weeks. Now, this depends on the state. Hence to know the turnaround time what you need to do is to have a look at the form. While you are filling the form you can decide whether you want to expertise your order or you do not want. At this page of the form only you will find some clue that will allow you to estimate as to how many days or weeks or months it requires.

Prices and Features Of Rocket Lawyer

While just like all other firms, Rocket Lawyer does not provide you with a lot of options for the packages. This firm has got something unique and which is they provide you with a lot of add ons which does not require much of choosing, this is good way how you can prevent your customers from getting confused. 

The first thing they offer you to do is to fill up the form they provide you with the basic details and checking of which state you belong to. Unlike other firms this firm does not allow you to look at the prices. They offer you to fill the form and check the state in just $99.99. What you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below, so have a look.


Step 1 

After you are done with filling the basic details that you need to fill or rather they have asked for, then you will be redirected to a page which offers you with lot many add ons as they do not provide you with a various number of packages.

 At this stage, you also need to decide whether you would like to pay some extra money for lessening up your turnaround time. You should note that the extra money that you pay for the turnaround time differs from state to state.


Step 2  

This step absolutely depends on the entrepreneurs. In this step, you need to decide whether you would allow Rocket Lawyer to obtain the federal tax Id number for you. This step is also charged by the Rocket Lawyer in around $59. But this totally up to you whether you want them they avail it for you or you yourself would do that.

 But this is recommended so that you save your time and also that your work is done without any trouble and without much hassle. But if you think that this is totally unnecessary and that you can yourself do it then yes you will save money but not the time which is quite precious when you are an entrepreneur.


Step 3 

This step is very unnecessary. In this particular step, you are asked whether you want to get a seal or a binder or not. If you want to get a seal or a binder with your company’s name and logo engraved in it, then you need to pay them $99.99.

If you just want to get the seal, then you need to pay just $59. Although this system os binder and seal has been an age-old practise yet if anyone wants to try their symbolic presentation, then they are allowed to do that happily.


Step 4

As already told that Rocket Lawyer does not give you the feature to have a registered agent for your company hence what they do is while you fill-up the form they give you an option where you need to select whether you want to have a registered agent for your company or not. Unlike others,

Rocket Lawyer also has a registered agent who has got the responsibility to warn you before if there are any due dates or any important date is coming nearer. For this feature, they charge their customer with $149, and they do give a discount of 25% for their customers who are having a membership on the LLC subscription.


Step 5 

This is the step where the Rocket Lawyer company wants to push their services up and this is said to be the heart of their service. Here they provide their customers with a lot of features which have been listed below.

  • They provide unlimited  legal documents

  • They also provide Document Defense Attorney

  • You can even ask their lawyers about some legal problems you are having

  • They also grant you with the advantage of having 30-minute attorney consults for each new legal matter that you face

  • You need to pay up to 40% off attorney fees

  • Grants you free LLC or corporation formation 

  • 25% off LLC/corporation formation

  • 25% off registered agent service

Frequently Asked Questions

Comparison between LegalZoom and Rocket Lawyer?

Both the service provider that is Rocket Lawyer and LegalZoom have got their fame nowadays a lot more than other companies, but they are both different in their own ways.

If we compare both the service provider then it is seen that Rocket Lawyer is much more a better option then LegalZoom, the reason is that Rocket Lawyer has got much more feedback then the LegalZoom has got.

If we avail Rocket Lawyer then which is the feature that we need to choose?

The feature which we always tell everyone to avail to is the registered agent’s service which helps you to lessen up your business burden, but unfortunately, Rocket Lawyer does not provide you with this feature.

Hence in order to avail this feature, you need to pay $149.99 extra. Other than this, the basic package that they provide has got to have everything which an entrepreneur needs at the beginning to start their business.

Does Rocket Lawyer provide you with Publication Service?

Ans: Publication service is something that every service provider does not grant you or provide you with. In some states, you need to publish all by yourself. But it is not the case with Rocket Lawyer. Rocket Lawyer does provide you with this feature, but the main point is that you need to pay $299 for this particular service.

What is the refund policy of Rocket Lawyer?

If we talk about the refund policy of Rocket Lawyer, then we can say that they have got a very fast and strong refund policy. They would refund your money as a whole as you apply for it. The refund takes a maximum time of 30 days and not more than that.

What can be the merits and the demerits of Rocket Lawyer?

Coming to the merits of the Rocket Lawyer service provider, we can say that it has got to have good customer support through any medium be it through phone calls or emails. They even provide you with live sessions with their experienced lawyers, and that helps you a lot. And hence seeing these all we have rated them with ten out of ten points, and that’s why we consider this to be one of the advantages of Rocket Lawyer.

Coming to the disadvantage, the price range of Rocket Lawyer is not much impressive to the customers.


According to us, Rocket Lawyer has got a very comfortable feature that you would surely love to have. With Rocket Lawyer, you do not need to spend a lot of time going through the features and then comparing it with the other firms and then deciding which one to choose. Rocket Lawyer also provides you with smooth and brilliant customer support and also with much time to contact them. However, the price range that the Rocket lawyer Service provider gives you is not much impressive like other firms.

This article mainly deals with Review on Rocket Lawyer and also helps you know the features and their merits and demerits and also the rank that they hold. Though if you are someone who wants to have overall support in legal work. I hope that this article has been of much help to you and will help you in your long run.

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