BizFilings Review: Is it worth it?


Want to start an incorporate business and that too online, but you are confused about how to do that? And also want to have a professional service worker to do the paperwork for you? Well, we have brought you an excellent solution that would help you a lot in your business work. BizFilings is one of those companies that will help you do your work very smoothly and that too, without any disturbance.      

We will be giving you an in-detail review of BizFilings in this article. This article contains the BizFilings Review and would surely help those businessmen who are waiting for such a result. Well, this article has tried to discuss every single detail that you guys need to know before you think of availing their service.

Why has BizFilings been scored 6 out of 10?

Before we start discussing why BizFilings has been given a score of six points out of ten points, we would like to have a look at the general questions that people have when they think of online Incorporation Services. What are the general questions that come to our mind while we think of switching to an online Incorporation Service?

Is BizFilings worth it?

Does it make the work Easy?

Is BizFilings Legit?

Does it have Quick Customer Support?

Hence, based on these above criteria, BizFilings has been marked six out of ten. We would give a clear review of BizFilings so as to clear your queries. Please start with the details. We first need to know why it has been marked six out of ten. It has been marked six out of ten because they do not have much track reports although they have been in this business for quite a long time, say for almost twenty years or even above that.

Does it not sound abnormal that although it has been in business for so long yet, none of the customers have written much about them? Yes, it does sound odd that despite running the Company for such a long time, they have not got many reviews or can say track reports. But despite all these, we cannot clearly say that they have got many negative factors or are deal-breakers. Absolutely not, they are not at all deal breakers, but yes, we can say that you can get a much better company than this, ensuring you with much more facilities, information, and track records.

Here’s what people are saying about BizFilings

R Hollander
Easy To USe

I file 1099 MISC with Quickbooks, but QB does not handle corrections. This website was very easy to use to file my corrections even though I had nto filed the originals with them.

Debra Beasley
I needed to file a corrected 1099 Div

I needed to file a corrected 1099 Div, done with another company. Efile4Biz was the only place that would let me do this with a 1099 I have not filed through them.

Anna parker
Why Did I just Find you?

I have delayed my filing because it’s a non profit organization and we have no program to print the official W2 and W3. Glad I finally found your website.

In-Depth: BizFilings’s Review


BizFilings’s Overall Pricing and Value – 5/10

BizFilings, besides having some bad sides, also have some good sides. Why? Because it is pretty easy to use even for those who are the most inexperienced. If we start comparing BizFilings with respect to other companies, then you would find that it comes somewhere in the middle of our ratings. Their service helps you clearly understand that from where you should begin if you are very new to this field and have just no idea about it. 

But yes, the BizFilings LLC cost is much higher compared to others. As per the BizFilings LLC price, it becomes a little hard for maximum of the people to afford. The basic package that they offer is of much good and affordable price as this package includes six months’ service. 

If we talk about the Standard and the Complete package, they are not a little bit but really very expensive and do not have many valuable features. But the price for these packages differs from State to State; for example, in some states, suppose the Complete package costs 199 dollars. On the other hand, in other states, it costs 434 dollars, and the state fee is included with these, which is compulsory. This is how it goes on varying with respect to price.


Track Record – 5/10

Now, we will be having a look at the track record as we talk about the BizFilings Review. As we come to know from the sources, BizFilings had started its journey as an online Incorporation company in the year 1996. This Company was first started by two entrepreneurs, who later sold the Company to a global firm that tried to provide a multitude with respect to business services.

If we calculate, then till date, BizFilings has got approximately 500,000 and above business filings, which gives the Company an impressive number of customers. But it was much abnormal for us to find out that it has not got much track records. It has got a very minimal track record with respect to other companies. To do better and well-defined analysis on this isn’t easy.


Customer Support – 8/10

BizFilings has got really good, or we can say a much better rate with respect to customer support. If we give a review in BizFilings Review with respect to Customer Support, we can rate them eight out of ten. Are you all excited to know the reason? Well, to answer your doubt that is going on in your mind, we can surely ensure you that BizFilings always serves you with a good customer service. They reply to your phone calls, emails and also they have got a feature called “Leave a message.” 

The speed by which they reply to your problems is quite faster than others. Hence BizFilings Complaint section in this particular section is almost null. If you call them, then they would present themselves at once to help you out in every possible way they can. The very first option that they prefer is a Phone Call. If you have any problem like if you want to know about their services or products, go to their official website, and there you can find their contact details. 

They even reply to your mails at the same faster rate. They reply to your grievances (emails and phone calls)in a much professional manner and hence clear out your doubts in an explained way. They even provide you with extra details so that you find it all the easier to understand the type of services they provide. They are even available for you for quite a long time, for say, 7 am till 9 pm in the night, which I suppose is really good. Other companies do not provide you with such long service hours.


Easy terms of Placing an Order – 7/10

What’s the main purpose of using Incorporated Service? It is just to make your work easier and smoother than before. With other online services, you feel like you are doing the work, but with BizFilings, you feel completely different. The BizFilings Review with respect to working is really good. They work very straightforwardly and smoothly as well.

If you are one among persons who is totally unknown to the idea of Incorporated Service and whether it will be right for you or not, then, in that case, BizFilings would surely help you get the way out. When you go for filing the form, the website gets you through seven different pages, which gives you the ultimate steps and instructions from right filling the form to making the payment. They also provide you with an order number so that it is easier for you to use that as a sort of reference and get in touch with them.

Hence, this clears out that you do not need to waste more time explaining to them about your problem. But besides this, we do face a problem with BizFilings, and that is while you go to fill the forms, they provide you with a lot of third-party apps, which makes the process a little slower. This is the only BizFilings Complaint we found out.


Overall Turnaround Time – 5/10

BizFilings does not have any list that gives you detail about turnaround time. Although they do offer expedited processing yet, they charge 600 dollars for that. But that does not speed up anything. Again, if you want to know how long it takes to form LLC in your state, we would tell you that you contact their customer service.

Pricing & Features of BizFilings

The BizFilings generally offer three packages: the standard package, basic package, and Complete package. The Standard and the Complete package is different from others as it differs from State to State. These specific features make it a bit different from other incorporated service companies.But the basic package is a bit more expensive than others. BizFilings gives a list of features. The Standard and Complete packages are not at all sorted out in a way that makes them grant a much better price.


The basic package costs you 99 dollars as well as the state fee. 


  • Name availability searches-  While you apply for your choice, BizFilings will be doing a lengthy search so as to search for your State’s database so as to make sure that your desired Company’s name is available and is not being taken away by any other company. 
  • Preparation and filing of the articles of organisation (LLC) or incorporation (corporation)- BizFilings does the preparation as well as the filing of the documents by itself.BizFilings forms your documents and then submits it to your state government so as to officially form or start your new business. 
  • Six months registered agent service- BizFilings service will be there to make use of their address in return to keep it as your mailing address so as to create a cut down on junk mail and as well as personal information sharing. This helps you deleting the junk files automatically so that you do not miss out on the important and main files you need. You will be given the option to renew this service once you have completed your first six months for $164 per year.
  • Six months BizComply tool – BizFilings has got a management tool with the help of which they will set a reminder whenever you have some important filing deadlines coming. This feature is absolutely one of the best features they have because it might happen that sometimes you may forget something that is very important. If these features are there, whenever you have something important to do, you will have a reminder ready to help you out in submitting the required important files on time without delay.

The standard package differs from State to State. It does not matter what you pay for this package, but you have to pay the state fee, which is important. The features of the Standard Package involves:

  • Business kit and seal – The BizFilings Review, according to the customers who are associated with the Company, say that they offer you with a binder engraved with their company name and a decorative shield that is engraved with their business info. 

  • Expedited processing – Along with this feature, BizFilings promises also to make your order a priority above all other non-expedited orders.Once they submit your documents and if you want to have a fast service, then you would have to pay a state expedition fee.

  • Customisable sample documents- along with everything, the Company also provides you with the sample documents which are customised from their end.


The Complete package as well differs from State to State. You will have  to also add your state filing fee as well, regardless of what the price is. This package contains  the Standard Package in short if we can say, but it also includes some extra features:

  • Federal tax ID number (EIN)- BizFilings Review clearly says that they will need your EIN, this you will need once you think of  hiring employees, and at the same time, it also does help you in paying the  business taxes, open business bank accounts, etc. You also does help  you to  obtain your EIN from the IRS for free, and this feature absolutely removes the hassle.

  • Certified copy of state-filed documents- The BizFilings Review clears the doubt that an authenticated copy of your formation documents that have been produced by your State is really necessary for them to carry on with their work. This certified copy produced by the State has several potential uses, from executing banking activities to replacing the lost or stolen documents to foreign qualifying in other states.

  • After going through a lot of BizFilings Review, we also find that BizFilings provides you with UPS overnight shipping for your completed formation of documents.

  • Informational “Now That You’re Formed” DVD is provided by the Company, which is one of the best features.

  • According to BizFilings Review, for the maximum number of states, we find that these are the only features that are found under the Complete Package. It rightly differs in other states as they might include additional features such as initial report, a state tax ID form, and many other things.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BizFilings compare itself to LegalZoom?

Ans: We all know that LegalZoom is one of the best Service providers until now. Hence when we talk about any other service provider, then a lot of questions come up. But that does not mean that only the service provider which is popular should be the best. 

If I think of using BizFilings, which package should I buy?

Ans: If you want to buy a package from BizFilings, then that depends on your necessity. But commonly, you can choose the Basic Package that comes for 99 dollars along with the state fee. This package is one of the best LLC and incorporated services that they offer. This package includes all the necessary kinds of stuff that you generally require without much confusion.

What details can I get about their refund policy?

Ans: If you want to charge a refund request then, BizFilings will charge you with a processing fee for refund requests. They will provide their users with a refund, which is less than $50 fee if you request it before they start any sort of work on your LLC or incorporation service. Still, if they have already completed your preliminary name availability check or their required process, which they need to perform, then the refund fee gets increased to $75.

Does BizFilings Help With Ongoing Compliance Requirements?

Ans: If you ask us with this question that whether BizFilings will help you with the ongoing Compliance Requirements, then the answer is certainly yes, and their inclusion of six months of registered agent service and a compliance tool is a good start.

 After your have completed your free six months, after that you can even renew your registered agent service by giving the rate of $164 per year. They also try to offer their customers the  managed annual report service, which can entirely take your annual reporting requirement off your hands.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the BizFilings Service provider?

Ans: The most important advantage that BizFilings has achieved in its long run is that they include six months of registered agent service and their online compliance tool with any LLC or incorporation service package that they provide. 

 If we talk and rather create a view on  the disadvantages, then we can say that some other incorporation services cut their prices considerably while also offering a full year of registered agent.

Do I require to use the LLC Formation Service?

Ans: There is no such legal rule which tells you to use the Formation Service. You can easily use the DIY option given, which helps you make your own LLC and corporation, which is a very basic need for the entrepreneurs.

Do they offer Publication Service?

Ans: If we look on th working prices that other states have, then we can find that,  there are many companies where you need to publish your Company’s formation in a regional newspaper.


While there are very few of the competitors, hence for that reason, they don’t have much to compete with and hence they provide any assistance with these state-specific requirements, but if we talk about BizFilings does offer publication service.

 These companies also have an expensive price range for this particular service, in which a $100 publication service fee which is one of the lowest prices in the industry.


As we go through the BizFilings Review, we come to know that BizFilings has got the strongest customer service other than any other service provider we have in our society. They also provide you with a long time customer service. Though you get to have very few customer reviews, though the Company has been running for years and years, that does not make the Company fall down. 

If you look at their package services, you would not like it much as you would like to have some more services as per the money you are paying. BizFilings has indeed got high-priced packages, which does not go with the features they provide, yet it is achievable at a much lower rate if we compare with other service providers that are in this field.

Though BizFilings is not one of the best service providers as an entrepreneur needs but yet it is also not among the worst options as well. This article has tried to mention each and every detail that you need to know before you are thinking of availing this service. After reading the BizFilings Review, it’s absolutely up to you what you think of and decide for yourself. I hope this article has been of much help to you and will also help you in your long run.

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