Final Fantasy XV on its Way to PC?

Final Fantasy XV on its Way to PC?

The Internet is abuzz with rumors about a PC version being in the works. Myth or reality, can we expect a PC release of the hotly anticipated RPG?

Final Fantasy XV on its Way to PC?

By Saad Dada on Feb 3, 2016 at 4:52 am EST

It’s been hardly a day or two the new Final Fantasy XV trailer came out, showing how detailed a combat system the game will have. The Internet is again abuzz with news on the game — a rumor, to be precise, which points toward the possibility of a PC version being in the works.

The supposed rumor can actually be backed up by solid proof. A NeoGAF user posted on the forums, showing how the source code contains fragments of Steam-related javascript running in the background. That was before Square Enix decided to remove the block of code. We’re not sure whether the company wanted the piece of code to exist or not, but we’d like to think it was intended to subsist.

Almost all Final Fantasy games have found their way to the PC. The whole Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is available on Steam. The recent release of Final Fantasy IX on PC has definitely made an impact on Steam, adding to suspicions about a Final Fantasy XV PC game.

Then there was Final Fantasy Type-0, which somehow also found its way to the PC. The game, made for the PlayStation Portable, was completely remade for the PlayStation 4 with a voiceover in English, enhanced visuals and a soundtrack. After its successful release, the Steam version was announced.

Square Enix hasn’t commented on the reports as yet. We may get to know some info on the company’s next event, Uncovered: Final Fantasy XV, to be held on March 30.

Editing by Fouad Ahmed; Graphics by Mansoor Shafqat

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