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Last-minute Gift Ideas For Christmas

A list of last-minute gift ideas for Christmas...

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11 Best Quotes from Movies in 2013

A list of 11 of the best quotes from movies that came out this year...

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Top Five Luxury Items at Saks Fifth Avenue

Five of the priciest items you can buy at Saks Fifth Avenue...

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Marcus “the Magnificent” Malone: Carlos Santana’s Former Bandmate Discovered Living on the Streets

Carlos Santana reunites with his homeless former drummer, Marcus Malone, after forty years...

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How to Spend Christmas Alone

How to enjoy Christmas all by yourself...

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Remembering Ned Vizzini: His Quotes on Life

YA novelist Ned Vizzini commits suicide at 32...

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Bagging Some More Money: Mariah Seen Targeting Angola’s Dictator

Mariah is at it again, as she discreetly manages to get money out of José Eduardo dos Santos...

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Nearly 1% of U.S Women Claimed To Have Given “Virgin Births”

New study shows a number of women in the U.S claimed to have gotten pregnant without having sex...

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7 TV Episodes to Re-Watch This Christmas

A list of our favorite Christmas episodes...

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Miley Cyrus Teases Us with “Adore You” Music Video on Instagram

Miley gives fans a taste of what to expect with her latest promo...

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The Other Woman: Gorgeous Women, Champagne Toasts, And Revenge

Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton put brains and brawn together to take down the man who played them...

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Brad Pitt Turns 50: Celebrating Five of his Greatest Roles So Far

Brad Pitt turned half a century old yesterday, so we take a look at five of his greatest performances to date...

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5 X-Men You Didn’t Know Were Other Mutants Offspring 1.0

A list of X-Men Comics characters who had either one or two mutant parents...

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Victoria’s Secret: Dazzling The Ramp

A sneak peek at one of the most followed fashion shows in the world: Victoria’s Secret showcasing their new collection...

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49ers Odds on Favorites to Sink the Seahawks

NFC West heats up as Russell Wilson brings the Seattle Seahawks to the Candlestick Park to face off against the San Francisco 49ers. With playoff implications there is a lot on the line...

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Tropico – Starring Lips and More Lips

A list of all the ways that mouths are shown in Lana Del Rey’s “Tropico”...

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2013’s Best Feminist Moments on Screen

A countdown of the most feminist moments on television in 2013...

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Darwin 1 – 0 God

Recent poll data suggests that Americans are moving toward belief in evolution as opposed to traditional beliefs...

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Are We Alone? Life Found On Europa

Europa, one of the moons circling Jupiter, might have life...

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Mary Barra Becomes New GM Head: First Female to Run a Motor Company

General Motors announced Mary Barra as its new commander-in-chief, a role that a female has never enjoyed before...

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10 Sad Facts About Human Trafficking

A look at 10 facts about human trafficking that make you lose hope in human beings...

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How Nelson Mandela Got It Right

A feature on how Nelson Mandela was an extraordinary human being, who was unlike anyone else we’ve ever seen...

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The New Wonder Woman – Reactions to Gal Gadot Being Cast

A comparison: how the internet reacted to Ben Affleck’s casting of Batman, and how it’s reacting to Gal Gadot’s casting of Wonder Woman...

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Understanding Maria Bello – The Concept of “Modern Love”

Addressing the gross misreading of Maria Bello’s essay; it is so much more than a coming-out tale...