• The Sarah Palin Channel: Eradicating Mainstream Media Filters

    Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has just launched her own subscription-based network called “The Sarah Palin Channel,” in order to reach out to supporters ahead of the US midterm elections. Bidness Etc examines what this newly unveiled network is all about

  • Hilary Clinton Gaining Popularity Among Millenials

    The former Secretary of State has yet to officially announce her intentions to contest the country’s 2016 Presidential Elections but she is a widely popular figure among millenials. Bidness Etc takes a look at how Mrs. Clinton can capitalize on her rising approval ratings

  • US Slaps Russia With Another Round Of Sanctions

    Obama imposes harsher sanctions in response to Putin’s stubborn stance on Ukraine. Bidness Etc explores the impact of these sanctions as well as their potential spillover effects

  • Ray Nagin – There Is No Ray Of Hope For Corruption

    The bidnessmen have had mixed emotions about New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin because of his stance against corruption combined with his erratic behavior in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. But as of now, the shortlisted emotions towards Nagin include loathe, hate and contempt

  • How The Crimean Crisis Will Impact The International Diamond Business

    The European Union and the United States are contemplating economic sanctions on Russia. Bidness Etc looks at how that would affect the global diamond industry and its leading players