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Transocean Ltd. : NYSE 12:41:48 PM, 01/05 - BATS BZX Real-Time Price

11.79 -0.76 (-6.06%)

Market Data by Xignite
Prev Close: 12.55
Open: 12.32
52-Week High: 21.9
52-Week Low: 11.26
Beta: N/A
Div & Yield N/A
Day's Range: 11.78-12.36
Volume: 4,743,955
Avg Vol (3m): N/A
Market Cap: N/A
P/E (ttm): N/A
EPS (ttm): 8.05

Business Description

  • Website : -

    Phone Number : -

  • Address : -

    Fiscal Period End Date : -

  • City : -

    Industry : -

  • State : -

    Short Interest Shares : -

  • CEO : -

    Shares Held By Institutions : -


Earnings Growth N/A
1-Year Annual Revenue Growth Rate N/A
3-Year Annual Income Growth N/A
3-Year Annual Revenue Growth N/A
5-Year Annual Income Growth N/A
5-Year Annual Revenue Growth N/A


EPS Diluted (ttm) N/A
Cash Flow Per Share (Daily) N/A
Revenue Per Share (ttm) N/A

Company Performance

Return On Assets N/A
Return On Average Total Equity N/A
Return On Common Equity N/A


Market Capitalization N/A
Total Enterprise Value N/A
P/E Ratio N/A
5-Year Average P/E Ratio N/A
5-Year High P/E Ratio N/A
5-Year Low P/E Ratio N/A
PEG Ratio N/A
Book Value N/A
Book Value Per Share N/A
Price-To-Book N/A
Price-To-Free Cash Flow N/A
Price-To-Cash Flow N/A

Stock Price Performance

1-Week Change N/A
YTD Change N/A
52-Week Change N/A
Latest Close as Percent Of 52-Week High N/A
Latest Close As Percent Of 52-Week Low N/A
Latest Close As Percent Of 5-Year High N/A
Latest Close As Percent Of 5-Year Low N/A

Share Statistics

Average Daily Volume Last 20 Days N/A
1-Week Dollar Volume N/A
Shares Outstanding N/A
Float N/A
Short Interest N/A
5-Year Annual Income Growth Rate N/A
Shares Held By Institutions N/A
Number Of Shares Closely Held N/A

Stock Price

YTD High N/A
MTD High N/A
5-Day Moving Average N/A
10-Day Moving Average N/A
50-Day Moving Average N/A
200-Day Moving Average N/A
5-Year High N/A
5-Year Low N/A

Balance Sheet

Total Cash N/A
Cash Per Share N/A
Asset Turnover N/A
Current Ratio N/A
Quick Ratio N/A
Long-Term Debt-To-Capital Ratio N/A
Total Debt-To-Equity Ratio N/A


Dividend Per Share Security N/A
Dividend Yield Fiscal N/A
Dividend Payout Ratio N/A
Dividend Rate N/A
Dividend Ex Date N/A
3-Year Annual Dividend Growth Rate N/A
5-Year Annual Dividend Growth Rate N/A