The Secret Life of Pets

20 Best Kids’ Movies on Netflix in 2019

Netflix boasts a whole vast array of children-friendly, good movies to choose from in its Kids Section. We have the all-time Disney classics such as Tarzan as...
Black Mirror

20 Best Shows on Netflix Right Now!

A plethora of shows ranging from mediocre to phenomenal are scattered all over Netflix and you can watch only one show at a time, unless you are...
Rurouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai

20 Best Anime Shows & Series On Netflix Right-Now!

Not everyone out there appreciates the subtleties of Japanese animation "anime" like we do. And that is fine. After all, we anime-lovers do realize the beauty the...
War Machine

20 Best War Movies on Netflix You Must Watch!

War movies are often not delightful to watch, especially on the Sunday evening of Netflix and chill. Romance, comedy, and science fictions serve the purpose better. But...

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