An official Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOGblog-post revealed Google Maps has added 24 new customized stickers for users to decorate their favorite locations. Maps users can now simply sign in from their Google accounts, and view them on every saved address.

The shapes include igloos, a tree house, a grand castle, and a yellow submarine, and each one is bound to add a personalized touch. The tech giant’s customized stickers will work home and work addresses, whilst also letting users mark locations for the best routes, quick directions, and more.

“To save home and work addresses and other destinations, just make sure you’re signed into your Google account. Then visit the Your Places tab or type an address, then label it. Once setup, you can just type “home”, “work” or “gym” in the search bar to get directions and navigate quickly and easily from wherever you are.”

Lettings users label top locations on their apps is also part of an update from Google’s Driving Mode platform. Using preset locations to generate results sheds light on the company’s use of complex algorithms to provide information on frequently visited places. Hopefully, customizing favorite locations and labeling destinations will help users avoid rush-hours and peak traffic times, thanks to Google’s navigation.

While the update is a small addition, we believe the integration of customized stickers will add intrigue to the user-experience. Given Facebook and Snapchat have gradually incorporated stickers on to their platforms, Google’s recent decision seemed almost inevitable. The 24 funky stickers have been designed to cater to a wide range of users.

The new stickers are currently limited to Google Maps on Android devices. Although we wonder why Google decided to omit iOS users from the update, it is likely it will remedy this soon, while it enjoys the spreads on Android devices. Alongside a rejuvenated look, this is also reflective of Google’s desire to keep up with competitors that specialize in the popular innovations arena.


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