Uber Just Divided The World Into Two Factions: Are You a Bit or an Atom?

Uber Just Divided The World Into Two Factions: Are You a Bit or an Atom?

Uber’s new logo signals the immense growth of the company and the direction it wants to take going forward

Uber Just Divided The World Into Two Factions: Are You a Bit or an Atom?

By Mohid Ahmed on Feb 3, 2016 at 8:52 am EST

What do you do when you want to rebrand a $62 billion startup? You get a new logo. Such is the case with ride-sharing and e-commerce company Uber. The startup yesterday unveiled a new logo for the world to see and to show how serious it is in becoming a dominant force.

Six years ago Travis Kalanick set out to change the way the global economy works. Uber started a trend where the on-demand economy transcended all models and went on to become one of the highest-valued startups in the world. It started off with a simple cab request app where customers and independent drivers would have a platform to reach out to each other.

The company does not own any cabs yet it’s a global ride-sharing company with operations in 58 countries spanning over 300 cities. The business model has been so successful that other startups around the world have used it to start their own operations.

Since then, Uber has launched countless other products and services, all related to the on-demand economy. According to recent valuations, the company is now worth $62.5 billion. However, the only problems that the startup has had in the past were the countless lawsuits and regulatory roadblocks that kept it from becoming a stable company.

The new logo from Uber is amazing. The company has encompassed all of its values into one image and whether the industry likes it or not, I love it. In the broad sense of things, Uber is on a path to become institutionalized. The ride-sharing startup looks set to become a world leader in all things on-demand and this will also mean an increase in workforce across the world. If people though that the company will fail, the countless venture capitalists funding it seem to think otherwise.

Wired Magazine got an early insight into the creative process for the new logo. The article states how the concept of bits and atoms was incorporated into the design. After countless unimpressive renders, Uber’s creative genius Catherine Ray had an epiphany. Bear in mind, this is a 28-year old executive who found the inspiration of the logo on her bathroom floor tiles for a company that is worth more than $62 billion. In any case, the bits represented the machine input while the atoms represented the people of the world.

The future is going to be different, we all know that. Virtual reality, drones, autonomous cars, and augmented reality are set to take over the physical and virtual world. Similarly, Travis Kalanick will probably be at the top as the the overseer. In the broad sense of things, Uber is already getting the world ready to be part of the two coolest factions of the future.

The round logo, which represents the people are the ones who will have the luxury of ordering Uber services; be it cabs or UberEat, the company’s food delivery service. The other faction will be represented by the hexagonal logo that has been made for the drivers that make Uber what is today. Now it is up to people which side they want to choose and that’s how the world is going to move.

It’s the new world order and companies such Apple, Amazon and Uber are going to be at the forefront of it. Which side will you choose?

Editing by Khurram Baig; Graphics by Shah Wali

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