Uber Looking to Prolong Class Action Lawsuit?

Uber Looking to Prolong Class Action Lawsuit?

A US District Court has already denied the request for a complete stay

Uber Looking to Prolong Class Action Lawsuit?

By Larry Darrell on Dec 25, 2015 at 7:44 am EST

Uber Technologies Inc. informed Reuters on Wednesday that it would request the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to hold up proceedings along with the trial. The ride-sharing service has been charged with a class action lawsuit from its drivers over their employment status.

Earlier this month, US District Court Judge, Edward Chen, ordered to expand the number of drivers who could join the class suit. Many drivers have individually settled their claims with Uber however, and Judge Chen’s new order means that those drivers, over 100,000 in total, will be added to the representative action.

Uber was earlier sued by its drivers who claimed that they were not treated like employees and had to pay for several expenses, including gas and car maintenance. In September, a court ruling allowed the cab drivers to fight for tip receipts, and could sue the company for such. Later in December, the judge ruled in favor of their right to receive reimbursement for gas and maintenance.

The trial is now scheduled to commence on June 20 next year, as Judge Chen is determined to keep it on track. However, he stated on Tuesday that he would postpone the final ruling on expanding the representative class until Uber’s appeal of that decision gets resolved.

If the ruling passes in the drivers’ favor, Uber could be charged with hundreds of millions of dollars in settlement fines. According to Reuters, the final result could reshape the on-demand economy that is centered on internet companies connecting people and businesses; one looking for a service and the other looking to make money providing it.

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