The War Of Games

Classic video game rivalries that are still going on to this day.

No childhood is complete without obsessing over video game characters and gameplay. Video games have carved a niche for themselves and are known for their iconic characters and mascots. Since the video game market is huge with an equally huge financial potential, the battle for genre supremacy rages on at full speed with both fresh faces and old dogs battling it out on the console battlefield.

1.  Sonic (Sega) vs. Mario (Nintendo)

The original video game rivalry. While Nintendo's pudgy plumber normally gets the best of his speedy nemesis, Sonic's been on an upwards trajectory with the masterful Sonic Generation and the upcoming stellar-looking Sonic: Lost World. Coupled with the fact that Mario’s next adventure looks tepid in comparison, this age old-rivalry is beginning to heat up again.



2.  FIFA (EA) vs. Pro Evo Soccer (Konami)

You have to feel sorry for Konami for putting out a vastly improved soccer sim year after year, but still lagging behind, EA's prize-winning behemoth. FIFA has become the eponymous name for all soccer games, making it nigh impossible for PES to break through and rule the hearts of soccer fans.



3.  Tomb Raider (Crystal Dynamics) vs. Uncharted (Naughty Dog)

In large part due to Lara's less than spectacular outings in Legend and Underworld, Nathan Drake took the crown for best tomb-trotting, artifact-stealing hottie away from the longtime queen of the genre. Naughty Dog's three masterful games with their spectacular set pieces and tight scripts were too much for Tomb Raider's one-dimensional action-focused gameplay and vapid, forgettable storylines. The Lara train took a much-needed stopover and reinvented itself with a much more fleshed-out reboot this year, making the ailing series relevant again. Lara's going to fight tooth and nail to win her crown back, and to keep things interesting, we hope Nathan puts up a good fight.



4.  Grand Theft Auto (Rockstar) vs. Saints Row (Volition)

Everyone tried to cash in and make their own version of Rockstar's money-making machine back in the day, but no one really got the formula right like Rockstar had - till Saint's Row that is. Volition's franchise doesn't try to beat Rockstar at its own game. Instead, it ups the ante on the crazy and takes its own spin on the genre; the bawdy humor, over-the-top deaths, and dildo death sticks are miles ahead of Rockstar. While Saints Row never quite catches the depth of the GTA experience, it's a force to be reckoned with.



5.  Street Fighter vs. Mortal Kombat

If you were a teen growing up in the 90s, your preference for either the bloody fatalities of Mortal Kombat or Ryu's hadoukens in Street Fighter determined your friends in school. Fighting game elitists will always stick to Street Fighter while Mortal Kombat was the go-to game for gory evenings with your friends. Both games are still going strong with no signs of giving up any time soon.



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