The New Wonder Woman – Reactions to Gal Gadot Being Cast

A comparison: how the internet reacted to Ben Affleck’s casting of Batman, and how it’s reacting to Gal Gadot’s casting of Wonder Woman

When the world learned of Ben Affleck’s role as the new Batman, the internet erupted in rage. Similarly, when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman, there was plenty of anger and people took to Twitter to vent. But the responses to Gal Gadot were of a very different nature, with almost none having to do with her acting talent.



The minute we heard the news about Ben Affleck being cast as the new Batman, we exploded all over our Facebook and Twitter accounts, complaining that he would be worse than even George Clooney. People said all sorts of things about how much he’d suck at playing Batman, but the main focus was always on his acting skills.




The point is that, with him being male, the question of whether or not he looks “right” never came up. Nobody said things like, “Oh, his chest is too flat,” or “He’s out of shape, somebody get that boy into a gym.” But that’s exactly the kind of reaction that the new Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot, received. Lots of anger about her bra size, and that she’s way too skinny for the part.



This kind of response not only trivializes Gal Gadot ― reducing her to just her looks and ignoring everything else ― but also reduces Wonder Woman to, essentially, a pair of boobs. Nobody is talking about whether or not Gadot can pull of the iconic role, or if she can exude power and confidence in the way of the superheroine. Instead they focus on her appearance, which reflects on how we generally see women as amounting to nothing more than how they look.



The truth is it’s bad enough that Wonder Woman doesn’t even get her own movie, and has to play third wheel to Superman and Batman. If they didn’t want Wonder Woman to shine solo, they could’ve at least done a Justice League movie with the whole group. But casting her as a supporting role? Come on, Snyder, Wonder Woman is so much better than that.



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