Put Your Best Face Forward – 10 Picture Tips From Tyra Banks

Modeling tips from Tyra Banks and what she taught us in America’s Next Top Model

What is so appealing in a reality show about aspiring models anyway? Is it the once-stunning photo shoots, the gorgeous models, the mesmerizing, exotic, artistic Tyra Banks? Perhaps it’s the creative input provided about the art of taking the perfect picture. It’s the golden age of selfies and instapics, and well, who better than the producer of 20 questionable cycles of America’s Next Top Model to tell us just how to make those pictures fierce.


Mama’s gonna teach you how.

1.  Smize

Learn to smile with your eyes; it takes your picture to a whole new level. Plus, smiling with your mouth is just so overrated. You want to look sexy and inviting, and nothing is more “come hither” than a smize.


Not so good at smizing? Tyra to the rescue! Download her Smize Yourself App.

2.  Booty Tooch

What? Well: “Do you know what a Booty Tooch is? It’s when you tooch your booty.” Do you want to show off more than just your face? Gurl, bend and snap. Just pop out your butt a little, and there you have it, from selfie-amateur to high-fashion model.


You see this? This is what perfection is. Learn from your superior. Be committed

3.  Create your own light

Some bitch stealing your light? Darling, they can’t out-light you. Find the light, face the light, and extend toward the light. Stick with your fierce pose, and stick out your face so the light hits all the right angles. You know you’re beautiful.


Or you can just cheat, you know. It’s not like it doesn’t look bad. Oh, wait.

4.  H to T

The secret to taking the perfect selfie? Pull that string tight, feel the tension. Model head to toe, even if the picture only contains your face. After all, you don’t want to end up looking like a “limp noodle.”


What are you doing? C’mon, even the Bratz dolls have gotten with the program.

5.  The Ugly-Pretty

This one’s the perfect bait for compliments. The ugly-pretty is when you can pull off a “generically” ugly face because of your model prowess. Finish off with the caption: “This is such a bad picture but, like, whatever.”


Tyra shows you how not to do the ugly-pretty.

6.  Create your own wind

No, ew. Not like that. Nobody likes limp hair. Flip your head down, create your own aura of elegance, the universe has its spotlight on you, flip your head up. Smize. Spin. Strut. You just created your own wind.


What not to do.

7.  Avoid dreckitude

Nobody wants the same old pictures, the same old poses. Ugh, no. Avoid the clichés. Avoid playing safe. Try something different. Honey, check yourself before you wreck yourself.



8.  Inner fierceness

“When beauty is reflected, beauty is perfected.” We couldn’t say it any better than Tyra. Feel the mood, play your song; this is where the Facebook likes are at.


100+ Facebook Likes!

9.  Show your neck

Don’t be a no-neck monster! There is no worse way to ruin your picture. Show your audience that beautiful neck, extend it, take us to swandom!


simple instructions.

10.  Flawsome

Finally, know that your flaws are what make you special. Pimple pop out before the day you were going to take your next display picture? Sweetheart, what are you doing? Highlight it, let it be the point of focus! This is the new age.


Your flaws are what make you beautiful.

A bonus tip:

Though it was not said on Top Model, we felt this advice was too precious to be ignored! Spalm! Confused? Well, um, smile with your hands! Why couldn’t Tyra have just said smand? Because it’s just too obvious! Duh!


Are they spalming yet?

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