Mars News: Plans to Colonize the Planet Coincide with Evidence of Freshwater Lake

A Dutch group, Mars One, plans to colonize Mars by 2025, and NASA’s Curiosity rover discovers evidence of an ancient lake on Mars



Mars has been getting a lot of love lately. Mars One, a Dutch non-profit organization, aims to colonize Mars. Their plan is to have humans there by 2025.



Obviously this has never been done before, and would cost around $6 billion to send just four people. Initially, the Mars One Chief Executive Bas Lansdorp, had announced 2023 as the target date, but they have now extended that time by two years. Their bid to colonize Mars was backed by the aerospace giant, Lockheed Martin. The terrain must first be tested out by a robotic mission, and Lockheed Martin has agreed to pay $250,000 for an unmanned lander that would precede the manned mission.

In other Mars-related news, NASA’s Curiosity rover has found traces of an ancient freshwater lake.



Well, nearly freshwater, anyway. The salinity levels would be low enough to render the water almost drinkable. This lake would have been able to sustain life billions of years ago, since the samples analyzed included sulfur, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, and carbon. Scientists think that the lake was part of a network of streams, much like those on Earth.

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