Grey’s Anatomy: A Look At Major Events From Past Seasons

Natural disasters, accidents, epidemics, armed violence, and supernatural events: that’s right, Grey’s Anatomy is back! But before Season 10 surprises us with its twists and turns, let’s look back to all the disasters poor Seattle has experienced since the show’s premiere in 2005.

[Warning: Spoilers]

Season 1 – An Outbreak of Syphilis



In the season finale, George O’Malley has a strange rash which turns out to be an STD he contracted from his new girlfriend, Olivia. But according to the Chief; 3 interns, 4 residents, and 6 nurses have all been diagnosed with syphilis. George confronts Olivia who confesses that she slept with Alex Karev before she was seeing George, and it was he who passed it to her. Weren’t they lucky to have been right in the hospital when all this went down? Honestly though, an STD outbreak is quite tame when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy.

Season 2 – Gunshots, Death, a Train Crash, and a Bomb Explosion



The sixth episode, “Into You Like a Train” sees Seattle Grace Hospital flooded with victims from a train crash. There’s a bomb lodged in a patient in Episode 16, “It’s the End of the World.” Cardiac resident, Preston Burke gets shot in the season’s penultimate episode, but it’s the finale that brings the worst: Denny Duquette’s death, which leaves even the most stoic viewer misty-eyed. This was when it started to get serious, and the Grey’s fandom learned just how tragic this show can get.

Season 3 – Ferry Crashes and Broken Hearts



Episode 15, “Walk on Water” shows a terrible ferry crash, where Meredith falls into the water and almost drowns, until she is rescued in episode 16. The real tragedy, however, was Cristina Yang’s love for Burke driving her to accept a proposal despite her disapproval of marriage, and then Burke leaving her at the altar. She sacrificed her beliefs, but in the end it didn’t matter, and Cristina lost the man she loved, as well as her self-respect which took a long time to return.

Season 4 – Drugs, Road Accidents and the Questioning of Faith



In Episode 2, “Love/Addiction” an apartment explodes, and the hospital is filled with patients who are injured during the blast. Alex figures out what caused it: a meth lab gone wrong.  Episode 9, “Crash into Me” sees an ambulance overturn, harming paramedics trapped inside. Episode 11, “Lay Your Hands on Me” features a healer who makes the doctors question their faith in science and medicine.  The season incorporates many more disasters into the storyline, the way only Grey’s can.

Season 5 – George’s Death



The finale has George and Izzy both in critical conditions, and they meet in a dream (or something) dressed respectively in a soldier’s uniform and a prom dress. The main dramatic element is that we don’t know what happens. Does Izzy die? Does George die? Do they both die? That’s what Grey’s Anatomy does best – leave you guessing what else they can possibly come up with.

Season 6 – A Shooting



The hospital, now called Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, is probably cursed. After all that has happened, there comes a shooter who kills Dr. Reed and Dr. Percy, and shoots Alex. The shooter then turns to Derek Shepherd and shoots him in front of Meredith, who has discovered that she is pregnant. The finale has Cristina performing an urgent operation to save Derek’s life while the shooter holds her at gunpoint, daring her to go on. Though the crazy disasters at the end of each season have us rolling our eyes, this episode actually had us on the edge of our seats. Good job, Grey’s!

Season 7 – Grey’s Anatomy: A Musical



A terrible accident leads to the worst tragedy on Grey’s Anatomy to date: a musical episode! The cast suddenly starts singing everything, belting out favorites like How To Save A Life and Chasing Cars. Episode 18 has been the weirdest so far, and for Grey’s Anatomy, that’s really saying something. It was very strange to see all the doctors singing everything instead of their usual long and unrealistically eloquent speeches. It was, however, a complete surprise. At least Grey’s never disappoints when it comes to that.

Season 8 – Plane Crash



The season finale shows a plane crash in the woods with Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Lexie, Mark, and Arizona on board. The doctors try to save themselves and their colleagues. Of course there’s a plane crash on Grey’s Anatomy because, what other show could possibly have it? But there’s no denying that Lexie’s death tugs at our heartstrings. As Mark confesses his love for her, begging her to hold on for just a little bit more, we know it’s useless and we can’t help but shed tears.

Season 9 – Freak Storm and Electrocution



Seattle is known for rainfall, but did you know its annual precipitation rate is less than in Boston, New York, and Washington? Apparently, Shonda Rhimes didn’t. The frequency of rain and weather disasters isn’t normal, so it must be some supernatural force governing the rain that falls on what is now known as the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. That also explains the freak storm that grips the city in the season 9 finale, endangering the lives of so many of its citizens, including Doctors Avery and Webber.

What will Season 10 bring? Escaped zoo animals? Nuclear radiation? An alien invasion? As we’ve now learned, nothing is too crazy for this show.

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