5 X-Men You Didn’t Know Were Other Mutants Offspring 1.0

A list of X-Men Comics characters who had either one or two mutant parents

The X-Men comics have a very long history of mutants hooking up with other mutants and having little mutant babies that grow up to become badass mutants themselves. Confused? Don’t worry – this list explains the family history of ten of the coolest mutant offspring.



1. Nightcrawler



Real Name: Kurt Wagner

Parents: Mystique and Azazel

Powers: Nightcrawler is a teleporter, able to move across long distances. His three-fingered hands and two-toed feet are adhesive, allowing him superhuman agility.

History: Mystique was posing as a human being, the wife of a well-known man, Wagner. The pain of childbirth, however, revealed her true form. The child was also born with blue skin, and Mystique was forced throw to Kurt into a well (some sources say waterfall) once a large mob had discovered their existence, but Azazel saved him and left him with Margali Szardos. She took him in and raised him in the circus where she worked as a fortuneteller. He was recruited by Charles Xavier into the X-Men, and together they traveled to the United States.

2. Scarlet Witch



Real Name: Wanda Maximoff

Parents: Magneto and Magda

Powers: She has the ability to alter probability, increasing or decreasing the likelihood of something happening, which works likes hexes. She can also use chaos magic, meaning she can wield and control cosmic energy.

History: When Magda sees her husband use his powers for the first time, she is terrified. Already pregnant, she seeks refuge in the mountains and gives birth to twins, one of whom is Wanda. Mount Wundagore, where they are staying, is the prison of the demonic Chthon, who plans to use Wanda as a vessel for possession and alters her ability by giving her control of magic. Magda, afraid that Magneto would find the children, leaves Mount Wundagore but unable to survive the harshness of the elements, dies. Later, when Magneto discovers the twins’ existence, he saves them from a mob, recruits them, and they reluctantly join his team, but leave soon claiming that their debt to him has been paid.

3. Quicksilver



Real Name: Pietro Maximoff

Parents: Magneto and Magda

Powers: He is capable of moving at superhuman speeds, originally at the speed of sound, and later at speeds as fast as Mach 10. He could, for some time, also teleport in terms of time and space.

History: Pietro is the twin brother of Wanda, and Magda gave birth to them while hiding from her husband at Mount Wundagore. After the death of their mother, they are attended to by Bova, a hyper-evolved cow part of the New Men. Bova was helping Miss America through labor, but she dies giving birth to a stillborn child. Bova hides the truth and tells her husband Robert Frank that the twins are his. Frank cannot deal with his wife’s death and flees, after which the twins are placed into the care of Django and Marya Maximoff. They stay with them until Wanda accidentally starts a fire through magic, killing her adoptive mother. A large mob chases them and they are rescued by Magneto.

4. Legion



Real name: David Charles Haller

Parents: Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller

Powers: Legion can absorb the powers of mutants who die next to him, or through telepathy. He was the lone survivor of a terrorist attack, and he absorbed the mind of the terrorist leader Jemail Karami. The trauma caused a split-personality disorder, with each of his personalities possessing a different superpower. The list of his powers is massive, including telepathy, telekinesis, time-manipulation, levitation, and the touch of death among many, many others.

History: Charles Xavier was working at a mental facility with Israeli Holocaust survivors, secretly using his powers to help ease their pain. There, he met Haller, who was a patient. They had a brief relationship, which led to the birth of their son, David. Haller, however, never told Charles, who never finds out that Legion is his son.

5. Daken



Real Name: Akihiro

Parents: Wolverine and Itsu

Powers: He has the ability to heal and rapidly regenerate damaged tissue, which also slows down his ageing process. He has three retractable claws on each hand, having a naturally metallic composition. His mind resists telepathy and probes. He also possesses the ability to manipulate and control his pheromones, suppressing his own scent and altering others’ perceptions.

History: Wolverine was living in Japan with his wife, Itsu. She was pregnant with Daken when an ancestor of Wolverine’s, Romulus, sends someone to kill her. Wolverine escapes Japan after his wife’s death. He does not know that a strange man had cut Daken out of Itsu’s womb, and the baby’s powers healed him, allowing him to live on after his mother was dead. The child is adopted by a young Japanese couple, Natsumi and Akihira, who raise him with the name Akihiro. The locals refer to him as Daken, (bastard or mongrel), and he is teased at school, turning him against everyone but Akihira. Natsumi, however, learns she is pregnant with her own child and confesses that she no longer wants Daken. A confrontation leads to the accidental death of Natsumi at Daken’s hands, after which Akihira commits suicide. Romulus then comes for Daken and raises him to battle against Wolverine.

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