5 TV Viewer Archetypes

We all fall into one stereotype or another when it comes to the obsessive nature of television addiction.

There is a certain TV-watching archetype we all fall into. We may not be restricted to just one, but we definitely embody the features of some of these. Which one(s) do you fall into?

1. The Devoted Fan

You will never just watcha show. Oh no, you will devourit. After you’re finished watching, you will go online and read up on the actors and the producers and indulge in heated debates with the fandom via livejournal or tumblr. You might produce fanart or fanfiction or fan videos to express your love for the show and everything associated with it. You will coin adorable terms that define your status as a fan (Whovian or Gleek) and wear the label proudly. You are the true face of loyalty.

2. The Binge Watcher

You’re going to settle down with a butt load of snacks, kick your feet up on the coffee table, and watch an entire season in one sitting. The episodes and seasons will blur together for you, and all you will remember is one general impression of the show being awesome or downright boring. When you’re done watching, you’ll go to sleep and promptly forget about it when you wake up and normal life resumes. It’s the TV equivalent of a one night stand.


3. The Lazy Bum

It’s hard to believe that people would be lazy about TV, but you are. You put off watching new episodes until you look back and realize you’re a whole seasonbehind. Even then, you put it off until you eventually lose interest. You’ve wanted to start Mad Men for ages, but never got around to it. And it wasn’t just because you were too busy; it was because you were just, lazy. Good luck ever staying up to date with anything.

4. The Rec Addict

You rarely choose what to watch on your own. It’s always word of mouth for you. You ask your friend, your boss, or even random people on the subway about what they’re watching and just go with the flow. If no one has anything to recommend, you Google top ten lists or see what show your favorite celebrities are tweeting about.

5. The Wiki Geek

You won’t read the books the show is based on, you won’t watch the show itself, but instead enlist the help of the Wiki Gods to fill you in on what’s going on. 9 out of 10 times, you won’t end up watching the show, but you’ll know everything about it, including spoilers for upcoming episodes that your friends will beg you to shut up about.

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