I Can't Think of a Title (Part 1)

I Can't Think of a Title (Part 1)


By Anonymous on Jan 23, 2014 at 7:50 am EST

Ok so I never planned on publishing any of this.  I started trading and taking notes when I was 17, over 15 years ago.  I've seen multiple markets in that lifetime, one could say the market made me somewhat erratic, I don't know if that's a good or bad thing.

I remember being fascinated with trading- Wall Street - when it actually was driven by physical trading and there were actual people handling most of the business.  My parents wanted me to be a brain or heart surgeon, I wanted to live and breath the stock market.  I won.

My writing style is a lot more informal and personal than the other things you will read on this website because I never planned on doing any of this so I'm just going to always keep it natural, unedited, unfiltered.  I am going to sound completely incoherent and insane a lot of the time- especially when I'm writing about trading and markets, because they are impossible to figure out.  I really still haven't a clue and I've gone from a kid at 17 with a $5,000 Etrade account to scheduling all my classes in college around market timings to working at one of the most prominent hedge funds in history and then in my mid 20s founding my own hedge fund and making and losing millions of dollars on a daily, hourly basis. Go figure all my weird quirks.  I blame the market, it's always nice to have something to blame, and here I get to blame millions of other people.

So this is going to be the first part of what may turn out to be hundreds or just a few if I get bored with this.  Things will mostly be completely random, completely off in terms of timelines since my notebooks are not totally organized.  But you'll get the gist as I go along. Where I have dates, I'll print them.  If it makes sense I will take exact quotes from my notebooks.

It starts from 1999, and the interesting thing is it started with a few emails to a trading psychologist, Ari Kiev, who has since passed away, and wrote many fabulous books on the psychology of trading and risk management.  In an interesting turn of events, he ended up counseling me as well on my trading psychology when I started my hedge fund.  I wish I had those emails from 1999 (remember in those days we all used AOL mail, just the thought of that reminds me of the guy saying you've got mail).  I basically told Ari that since I had turned $5,000 into almost $15,000 in 6 weeks, if I compounded at that rate I'd be a billionaire pretty fast.  I was pretty stupid and naive.  I ended up losing it all in 1 penny stock within a few months.  Some stupid sports marketing company.

So at 19, I learned a few things- stick to your strategy (I'd been trading big tech stocks until the penny stock tickled my greed and impatience), don't invest in pump and dumps, and never extrapolate your returns.  The only mistake I never made again was don't invest in pump and dumps.  I think Livermore said, you'll find a thousand different ways to make them same mistake.  I'm going to remain anonymous though a lot of people will easily figure out who is writing this, but to all of them- it might not be me, I never told anyone about my trading journals except a few close people.

Oh and there are going to be a LOT of random things I talk about, completely out of order, completely unorganized, so if you hate me for this all being a bunch of gibberish, I'd do the same.  And lastly, I'm not going to read anything again once I write it so there will be factual errors, spelling mistakes, and a ton of irrelevant and odd things said.

Kindly direct all hate mail to anonymous@bidnessetc.com

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