AT&T Inc. Data Perks Allows Consumers To Earn Up To 1,000MB Of Free Data

AT&T Inc. Data Perks Allows Consumers To Earn Up To 1,000MB Of Free Data

AT&T is offering users a way to get free mobile data by completing certain marketing tasks like completing surveys

By Usman Farooq on Oct 27, 2015 at 2:53 pm EST

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is enticing customers to sign up with the carrier by offering free data through the company’s Data Perks program. The service, offered in tandem with partner company Aquto, allows users to shop and take surveys to accumulate extra data with the company.

The service is compatible with both the iOS and Android operating system platforms, ensuring that most customers can easily avail the service. Users can download the new Data Perks application from the Google Play store and Apple’s iTunes store, to earn free data. In any one billing cycle, customers can earn a maximum of 1,000MB of data by using the application to carry out surveys and shop.

The data then has to be transferred to users’ data buckets in increments of 25MB. The data earned does not roll over to the following month, so customers would have to ensure that they avail it within the monthly billing cycle. Users’ existing data buckets are not affected by the Data Perks program, and users can continue using data on their existing plans.

Downloading content from the Data Perks application draws on the user’s data bucket. However, to get users started, AT&T is providing customers with 25MB of data as soon as they download the application. As RC Wireless pointed out, the app is an extension of AT&T Mobility’s initiative to provide sponsored data to customers.

AT&T’s partner, Aquto, has already had success with the program in Europe with Vodafone Portugal. The company aims to draw in more customers with other initiatives this month, helping establish the company as an exclusive provider of some products. AT&T will carry the LG G Vista 2 phablet in its stores, while also exclusively selling Lumia 950 smartphones, that are only available at Microsoft stores otherwise.

AT&T has also launched the NumberSync service, which allows customers to use one number for multiple devices. One can see NumberSync being useful when data accumulation is added to it. Since more devices will consume more data, it will be good to have a few hundred extra MBs on hand.

All in all, the initiative is fairly useful, and AT&T has cleverly not allowed users to carry over the remaining free data. If that was the case, users could potentially have misused this by doing all their shopping through the Data Perks app, and never paying for a single MB of data.

With this initiative, AT&T is offering customers a new attraction, while keeping its existing data plans at its current rates. If nothing else, AT&T customers should get to use a bit more data per month, although it will be interesting to see if any customers downgrade their data plans to better enjoy the free Data Perks offering.

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