, Inc. Bets Big On Brick And Mortar Presence In Seattle, Inc. Bets Big On Brick And Mortar Presence In Seattle intends to launch bookstore in Seattle, reports suggest launch is imminent

By Anonymous on Oct 13, 2015 at 11:56 am EST, Inc. (NASDAQ:AMZN) intends to launch a bookstore in Seattle, reports GeekWire. The publication has acquired some blueprints which give an insight into Amazon’s first brick and mortar store. The documents acquired by GeekWire through Seattle’s Planning Department, show bookshelves in a space with display tables and a sales area. The location for this new store is the University Village Shopping Center. The documents also mention how this bookstore will be up to date with the 21st Century standards, with electric ports to provide power to three different types of devices.

The project, which has been dubbed as “Ann Bookstore” or “Project Anne” has set the industry abuzz as is evident by the interest of local book publication Shelf Awareness, in Amazon’s foray into brick and mortar establishments. Although the company has not opened any physical locations yet; it has provided kiosks and local Amazon lockers to make it easier for customers to pick up their packages.

GeekWire reports that the store will open soon however, the company has kept it under wraps so far. One of the reports for the publication also noticed how workers are moving books and electronics to the store to set them which could mean that the final touches are being made and the launch of the store is imminent.

Bidness Etc believes that the company’s plan to open up a store in its own hometown will be quite beneficial for it. The retailer giant has an extensive network of distributors and suppliers that will help fill up the bookstore faster than other book sellers. Moreover, this will be Amazon’s first-ever entry into the brick and mortar space where instead of selling all types of goods, it will focus more on books. Given that the company also has a good network with universities around the area, customers will benefit from the physical location, the ease of access and the competitive prices that the company offers.

Moreover, this will also mean that Prime users may expect to get some benefits for signing up to the $99 a year membership. On the other hand, the company will also use the store to showcase different products that it has released which include; the Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle and other tablets.

Subsequently, the book side of the business will benefit as the risk is low while the company is the market leader in online book deliveries, physically and on the Kindle. Whatever the case, this will be a test for Amazon to see how well the market reacts to its presence in the physical world. Ultimately, this raises the question whether Amazon will be able to pull this off since the majority of its users read books on phones and other devices and mostly order from online stores.

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