The Pursuit of T-Mobile

The Pursuit of T-Mobile

Iliad AKT (ILIAF), a relatively unknown French telecom operator that bid for T-Mobile (TMUS) last month, is back in the news. According to the New York Post, Iliad is pairing with Google (GOOG) and Microsoft (MSFT) to raise its bid for T-Mobile.

Iliad had made a bid of $33 a share for a 57% stake in T-Mobile, which was rejected as T-Mobile already had a $40 per share offer from Sprint Corp. (S).

But Sprint’s exit has left Iliad as the sole contender in the race to acquire T-Mobile, as Dish Network (DISH) has not made an official announcement despite being interested in the company. The French telecom operator then tried to raise its offer and was rumored to involve Cox Communications, Dish Network, and Charter Communications (CHTR) to back its investment.

However, the recent news surrounding Iliad is that is in talks with Microsoft and Google regarding its pursuit of T-Mobile. However, it is still not known if the two tech giants will come on board.

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